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Maglite 6-D Cell Flashlight

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Heavy Duty Flashlight


My husband has always been partial to Maglite flashlights, and we have several of them in our home. One of the Maglites we have is the large and heavy version that takes SIX size "D" batteries. Like other Maglites we own, this one is made from an aluminum case that is also very heavy duty. The flashlight can be used as a flood light or a spot light, and you simply twist the head to adjust the amount of light. This flashlight has pros and cons for winter use. For years I walked several children to and from their bus stop every morning and afternoon during the school year. In Alaska, most of our morning walks were in the pitch black darkness. The "pro" is that this light is sealed with O-rings that prevent any moisture from getting to it, so if I were to drop it in the snow it would be safe. The "con" to using this flashlight in the winter is that the aluminum case gets VERY cold! I had to be sure to use well insulated winter gloves. Carrying the long and heavy flashlight always made me feel safer because it really could be used as a weapon if it needed to be. We never know when we will run into a stray moose or dog, and I'm not saying this would protect me in that event, but it still made me feel safer and is better than not carrying anything with me. As far as how well this light shines, I have used more expensive flashlights that didn't have beams of light this strong, and that didn't project this far ahead of us. I feel the Maglites are a quality brand and we keep one in each of our vehicles as well as with our emergency supplies.

Eagle River, AK


Great for camping, easy to store in tent


Our family loves the outdoors, But with children they always need the potty. This light is light and easy for the little hands, we found that they come in all sizes. So if your planning an outting and have children you will want this handy lighting in your camping supplies.My husband carries 2 for his work a larger one for under homes where he needs more light and one for those hard to get to places. I keep one in the glovebox of my van. You never know when your going to need some light. If you live in the country, power is a on and off again regular occurance , so lighting in an emergency is a big factor keeping a few around the house is a plus.Do your part and have lighting you can count on.

Center, CO


I've never had such a poewrful flashlight


This flashlight is by far the best for the money.  It is ultra durable.  It is ultra bright.  And the batteries and bulb are long lasting.   I recently took this flashlight on a camping trip, and used it to point out stars and constellations in the sky.  It is that powerful!  Only con is it weighs a lot, but that is because of the batteries.  Empty, it is under 1 pound. 

Placentia, CA


Maglite 6-D Cell Flashlight

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