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Magic Sizing Fabric Finish

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This product makes ironing so much easier


My daughter being as little as she is, Has a lot of girly dresses that of course need to be ironed. I use this product every time that I iron. This product speeds up ironing dramatically by removing the wrinkles quickly. Very good for silk tops or dress shirts and pants. Leaves my clothes looking smooth and wrinkle free. This product has a very fresh scent. It smells like you just took your clothes out of the dryer. The only downside of this product is that you are not supposed to use it on fabrics that say dry clean only because they could burn. You can use this product on synthetic fabrics as well as cotton, knit and blends. If you are going to iron a large piece of clothing, you should spray the product on sections at a time as you iron. You should use this product in a well ventilated area to prevent getting dizzy from the fumes. I have never tried this product on jeans but I imagine it would work.




MagicSizing really is magic!!


I found this product years ago when I was looking for an alternative to starching our clothes. My husband has always had to wear dress shirts and most of my clothes required ironing as well. I did not like the look of the starched clothes. Starched clothes wrinkle easier and are harder to iron. For me, clothes just look better when they are ironed, so I was always seeking solutions to the amount of time and effort I spent on achieving the look I wanted for our clothes. So I tried the Finish and it is now the only product I will use for ironing. The clothes come out looking great and pretty much stay looking great even after a full day of wearing. The product is relatively inexpensive and it lasts a long time. It is good for most fabrics and it cuts down the time I spend ironing. The iron glides across the clothes. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an alternative to starch.


SmallTown, TX


I wouldn't iron without it!


**Light Body Magic Sizing Fabric Finish** is one of my laundry room staples. I have used it for years and it has consistently performed the way it says it will. **What is it and what does it do?  Magic Sizing Fabric Finish** is a lightweight spray that makes ironing easier- no, it really does! The spray restores the fabric's original crispness that laundering takes out, giving the garment a new, fresh appearance. You simply spray the product onto the garment and iron at the suggested temperature. It removes even deep-seated wrinkles and leaves behind a fresh, linen scent. It will not cause scorching or flaking when used as directed. The thing I like most about Magic Sizing is that it only *sizes* the fabric. In other words, it doesn't make the garment hard the way starch sometimes does. A large 20 ounce spray can lasts a long time and costs pennies to use. I keep a can right by my iron. **Bottom Line:** Magic Sizing not only works, it makes ironing almost fun!


Northern, FL


Magic Sizing Fabric Finish

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