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Magic Circle Trampolines
Magic Circle Trampolines 13'6" Magic Cage

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Happy with this


As we all know that trampolines can be death traps, accidents just waiting to happen it is a wonder why parents would even allow their children on them. I am one of those parents that allow their children on them even knowing how bad they can be. I do because it is a fun way to get exercise and to wear them out! that being said, I want my daughter and her friends to get exercise and be the most safe that they can be. This trampoline is one of the ways that we can ensure that kids stay safe. By having a net around it, parents can breath a bit easier and know that their kids are safe from most of the danger and harm associated with jumping on one. My daughter and her friends do not seem to mind that they have a net around the trampoline and it does the job that was intended to do. The kids get to jump around and I get to know that they are safe, having fun and exercise and are happy. Win win situation for everyone involved.


Boise, ID


Safest for a trampoline


Trampolines all in all are dangerous due to the amount of injuries that take place on them. This one in general has the netting around it making it less likely for a small kid to bounce off. We have our in our basement due to the size of it being able to fit in there. Makes it safer in my eyes so I don't have to worry about the neighbor kids coming over and jumping on it when we are not home. It was pretty simple to put together also. If I were to recommend this to any parents I would go with this one due the the net around it making it safer for kids to jump.




Magic Circle Trampolines 13'6" Magic Cage

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