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Magic Chef Smooth Top Oven and Range

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Oven broke right after buying.


It looks nice, but oven never worked. I had to return it for another. Temperature Control Oven never seems to get above 250 degrees. Heat Distribution The only thing I could bake is cookies and it took about twenty five minutes. But they seemed to all cook evenly. Durability The oven stains really easy on the top, I only used a few times and the residual stains would not come off. Design It is a very attractive oven, once bought new. Ease of Cleaning The over cleaner seems to work well on inside the oven and on top of the stove as well.




Long lasting.


I've had this stove for many years. Too many...I keep hoping it will break so my husband will buy me a new one in stainless steel. The oven cooking times is slightly longer than package directions require. It is easy to clean. My favorite part is the smooth ceramic top, that is very easy to keep clean. I do wish the stove eyes would stay red when eye is hot but not on. We've had several burns around the house. Overall I would recommend this stove as it has lasted a long time. Heat Distribution Cook times are longer than most product packages require.


Hartsville, SC


Nice Stove


This Magic Chef stove was not what I was looking for when I needed to replace my unit - it was on sale and appeared to fill my needs so I purchased it. It's your typical standard glass top stove, nothing special. It's very easy to use and keep clean. The oven works well although it could be a little roomier. Overall an adequate stove that fills your typical everyday need.


Dewart, PA


long lasting oven


I bought this stove new from van vreedes when we bought a new house. This stove is 21 years old already.  A little while after I got it the top cracked and they replaced it with a new one.  My stove is really easy to clean.  The only thing is the control knobs don't come off to clean behind them better. It has the timer and when to start up and when to shut off.  I still love this stove even though its old.   Being a smooth top makess cleaning this guy easier than ever.


Greenville, WI


Magic Chef Smooth Top Oven and Range

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