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Magic Chef
Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator

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Great little refrigerator for a great price!


We purchased this little refrigerator for our garage. We already have two large refrigerators in our household, but we needed just a small one for sodas and other refreshments. The cost for this little fridge was excellent and it definitely fit all our needs. It is sleek and fits perfectly into almost any space! It is definitely a tiny fridge, but if you only need it to hold a few drinks, then it will be the perfect item for you! It runs very quietly and gets very cold, especially for its size! We were very surprised at how cold it kept our drinks, considering how small it is. We purchased ours in the color black, but it was available in white as well. I would definitely recommend purchasing this mini-fridge if you are looking for something low cost and that works surprisingly well!


lakeland, florida


This is a nice mini fridge for a dorm room.


I bought this fridge my first year of college to put in my dorm room. Our rooms are were only a whopping 120 square feet and there were two people, frequently three, crammed inside that small amount of space. My room mate and I both decided to get lifters for our beds to pick them up off of the floor a few feet so we could put our desks, fridges, and other items underneath the beds. This little fridge was and is great. I used it all four years of college underneath my bed as a sort of alcohol and beverage cooler. The fridge has a small ice box that is big enough to freeze two or three smaller ice trays. It also has a side shelf that can hold a wine bottle, cola bottle, or a few cans of soda. The inside shelving can be adjusted so that you can have one tall and one small shelf, or you can take the shelf out and put a few jugs or items inside that are taller. This fridge keeps things around 36-40 degrees which is great for me. It does have a thermostat to adjust the temperature. I used this all throughout college and now it sits in my kitchen as a mini cooler that we use just for condiments. It's an odd thing to have but we keep ketchup, mustard, ranch, bbq, honey mustard, relish, peppers, garlic minced, and many other condiments inside. It helps keep the real fridge uncluttered. I would recommend this for a dorm fridge, an under the computer desk fridge, or even just a garage fridge for the guys who don't want to have to walk upstairs into the house to grab a cold one. It's lasted me for years. It's a great fridge and the temp still holds. I do also suggest defrosting now and again because the tiny ice box fills up with ice quickly and the space for ice trays starts to get smaller and smaller if the fridge isn't defrosted once a month or so.




I love my compact refrigerator!


Sometimes I am so lazy to get up to go to the kitchen just to grab a soda or a drink when I'm watching TV in bedroom , that I end up just staying thirsty and going to sleep. I knew I had to go buy myself a compact refrigerator to leave in my bedroom. It's so convenient! I can keep several kinds of drinks or desserts in there and have midnight snacks whenever I'm up watching TV. The only problem is that the refrigerator really uses a lot of electricity because I see that my eletric bill is higher now, and it also emits heat, which causes my room to be too warm in the summertime. But I am willing to pay that price in order to have convenience. I leave my compact refrigerator on top of my dresser drawer and it's at a perfect height for my reach. It's also very quiet, and keeps my drinks really cold!


Pomona, CA


Compact sums it up!


bought this compact refrigerator when I was still dorming in college, which was not too long ago. I soon came to realize, however, that it's a little too compact. You can barely fit in a milk or juice carton without taking out the horizontal rocks. There was an optional bit that allows you to put soda cans or yoghurts, but I felt it rather took up too much space than save space. I ended up taking that out and losing it. As you can already see, I used it mostly for beverages. I'd like to add that although the fridge is only a few cubic feet, almost half of the back is taken away for the "engine" and "refrigerant tank." The inner capacity then, is really smaller than you might think from the outside. The freezer - forget it even exists. Like most compact fridge freezers, it will end up collecting frost inside, which then accumulates to large ice chunks that you need to thaw off to remove. You' think it would help it to freeze, but I felt the freezer could not really keep a box of hot-pockets at the sufficient "coldness" that it needs. It was always half-thawed. In any case, this fridge fits perfectly snug under a desk though - so if you're looking for a small personal compact fridge for beer, soda, etc., then this is the one!


San Diego, CA


Durable and quality in one


The Magic Chef MCBR170 Compact Refrigerator is a great top of the line miniature refrigerator. I use it in my office to keep drinks cold for clients and myself. The temperature wheel allows me to control how cold I want to keep product, which is great. This product may seem small, but it is easily able to hold different sizes of product inside. This would be a perfect product for a soon to be college student's dorm room. There is no need to worry about this unit leaking or dripping water, as there is very little of that to be had. It does include a slide tray to catch any runoff, but in the year of owning this, I have not had to drain it at all. It also is quite stylish looking, which is great to be able to store in a location where clients frequently visit. I don't feel any need to obtain a warranty for this device, as it appears it will be quite durable. All in all, a great mini fridge for the price.    


Altamonte Springs, FL


great for dorms


I had this fridge before and it was wonderful. I was able to store drinks in it when I had friends over and people were always getting drinks. It actually kept my stuff colder then the normal fridge. I ended up giving it to my best friend because she needed it more then I did because it just sat there. I miss it sometimes but  it was worth it to see her smile. I will eventually get another one for my room once things slow down alittle at home. it does cost money to have another fridge especially cause things are expensive with bills these days. it was definatley worth the money though. i would not trade it for the world and would ecommend this fridge to anyone. if you want small and compact this is it all wrapped into one. people get fancier ones but this is perfec tno matter what the size you. it might be pricey but what it does helps alot of people with storing things for get togethers and personal.


Croswell, MI


a good buy for the price


When I was in the market to buy a small refrigerator last year for our basement recreational room I compared a lot of refrigerators. This one was on the top of my list because the price was low and the specifics for this fridge were what I was looking for. Overall, if you're looking for a small compact refrigerator that can hold a few leftovers, sodas, and condiments then this is the fridge for you. The freezer space is not very large so don't count on putting a lot into that area. It is a very quiet fridge and can be placed on a table or the floor. We keep ours on the floor and have not had any leaks or problems with doing so. I would purchase this fridge again if I was looking for  dorm room or apartment or rec room fridge. It certainly keeps beverages cold and is enough storage for when we use it for entertaining and showing movies in our rec room. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles and is a fairly simple model. 


York, PA


Great for media room snacks


We bought this as an alternative storage to keep special foods out of sight and reach of the refrigerator raiding friends our teenaged son brought home.  Keeping it in our bedroom was perfect for securing those special and more expensive items we bought for ourselves rather than the teenagers with larger and indiscrimate appetites.  The Magic Chef MCBR170 was so convenient we purchased a second refrigerator to keep in the computer room for soft drinks or water bottles. One word of caution about storage in the door.  If not careful, the refridge will tip forward when the door is opened and laden with items.  Just use care to keep a weight balance inside the body of the refrigerator itself.  In addition to being convenient we have found this refrigerator to be large enough for our needs, operate quietly and to keep the cold stuff cold. It is also easy to clean.  It's compact size also lends itself easily to serve as a side table although I suppose it could be set on a sturdy shelf.


Miami, AZ


very nice


i like it for sodas and small things I think the little fridge is very nice and cute my kids love it. fits in the corner where it acan camouflauge i like its compact look. I was very happy to buy my Magic Chef MCBR170 Compact Refrigerator, because it is what I needed for this household


Miami, FL


Keep cold keep sold


Having this fridge is agreat advantage I cook and sell things it keeps things so fresh that it just keeps getting sold..ilove this fridge and suggest everybody to buy this small portable and convinient use fridge which is a wonderful choice.Having this fridge is agreat advantage I cook and sell things it keeps things so fresh that it just keeps getting sold..ilove this fridge and suggest everybody to buy this small portable and convinient use fridge which is a wonderful choice.


Hicksville, NY


Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator

4.0 11