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Magic Chef
Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator

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I have this fridge in my bedroom. It is great to have on hand for cold drinks and store leftovers. I do think the freezer part isn't as cold as could be and it is a pain to defrost it.


a wonderful little refrigerator


This little refrigerator has saved me a lot of steps. I have it in my bedroom, it is great for keeping small bottles of water and drinks in it. It will make a great gift for an elderly person or someone who has a bad back or has arthritis. I would not take anything for my little gem or a refrigerator. I love it.



Useful for small spaces


I got this as a present from my parents because I was living in a house with roommates who kept stealing my food! This fridge was small enough to put in my room (although beware that if you live in an old house like mine, and you have your computer and tv running at the same time, you might have to reset the breaker! Other than our house's electrical issues, this fridge is perfect for storing small amounts of food and it keeps everything evenly cold. However, the crisper compartment on the bottom is not ideal for vegetables, nor is the so-called freezer which is about the size of a shoebox. It doesn't really keep things frozen for extended periods of time so forget about buying a pint of ice cream. However, for frozen items that you intend to eat within a day or two and don't require being kept completely frozen until microwaved or cooked in an oven, this freezer does a satisfactory job. Took a while to get used to the noise but overall, it is quiet.

San Diego, CA


magic chef mcbr3605 stainless compact refrigerator is good


its very nice to have. i just cant stand defrosting it though. its perfect for my bedroom though. keeps everything nice and cold.i wish that i could find one that defrosts automatic. thats in my price range.

Chicago, IL


Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator

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