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Magic Chef
Magic Chef 9522 Electric Double Oven

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this oven works


We bought our magic chef 9522 electric double oven about three or four years ago at one of our local outlet stores for about two hundred bucks after our old oven quit. It has a top and a bottom oven and you can use them one at a time or both together if you need to. It is black, plain and simple, but it is also very attractive. It doesn't take up any more space on the wall than any other double oven out there.  During the few years that we have owned it we have had absolutely no problems with it. Everything bakes well and evenly in it. We use our oven at least five times a week. It is a simple oven so it is also easy to operate. This oven is easy and straightforward to clean.  For us this oven has been a great addition to the kitchen. I would recommend magic chef ovens. They are well built and will last, well- for at least a few years anyway! I have had on problems and no complaints since using this brand of oven.

Portage, IN


Magic Chef 9522 Electric Double Oven

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