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Magic Chef
Magic Chef 5.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer MCCF5WBX

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Room for at least two deer!


We bought this unit for our vacation cabin. We're hunters and often have a lot of extra game meat or fish to store, and the freezer in our refrigerator just doesn't have the necessary space, and even those it's normally winter when we get this game, we don't trust storing it outside. This unit is ideal for that bit of extra storage space you need for extra meat or whatever you're storing for later use. This unit has been a lifesaver AND it doesn't take up a lot of room. Yet it has a lot of storage space inside. 5.5 cubic feet might not sound like a lot, but it is! We picked up ours on sale, so it make it an even better investment. Temperature Control You basically just dial how cold you want it. We've found that we don't have to go much over midway (#5) and it gets the food to at least zero degrees. More than adequate for us. Capacity 5.5 cubic feet is a lot more space than you would think. Just make sure you make your food, while it's still soft, into flat shapes or square ones so you can fit as much in as possible.



Compact but sometimes noisy


Let me start off by saying that I like this freezer.  I purchased it about 2 months ago at a low price (holiday price about 110 including tax and delivery).  My big refrigerator stops being cold, so I have to find an alternative.  I have a mini refrigerator but it has only a small freezer compartment.  I really like its size, very compact.  I now place it next to my mini-refrigerator and it is very convenient.  I shopped around for other bigger chest freezer, but they are just too big.  It is working O.K.  This freezer actually has a lot of space. Pro:  Spacious, single basket provided, compartment separator, glossy finished, outside temperature control, does what it suppose to do so far Con:  The only thing that I am not happy is that you really have to level it to minimize the noise when it is on.  Mine makes a loud hissing noise when it comes on, but if you move it a little bit, the noise becomes less.  I am too lazy to set it right once and for all.

Kendall Park, NJ


Magic Chef 5.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer MCCF5WBX

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