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Magic Chef
Magic Chef 1000 Watt 1.1 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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A pretty good microwave for the price.


I've had this microwave for only about three months, but so far I'm satisfied with it. It was a great price for the size. It doesn't have every feature you could imagine (like browning), but it does what it needs to. I have a bit of difficulty seeing into the microwave even when the light is on and it is running since the viewing window is rather small and it seems like the holes are not very big either. It also beeps very loudly--I've had it wake up my sleeping children before. It does has a child lock, which is a definite plus compared to some other lower-priced models. Performance It seems to take a bit longer to cook certain things; however, it does cook popcorn rather quickly. Settings/Features It has fast-cook features (one button press starts the microwave cooking for the desired amount of time up to six minutes). It has a timer and defrost as well. However, the timer is not easy to operate. Durability I've only had it since June, but so far it works well. Design Mine is black, so it blends in well with the rest of my black kitchen appliances.

Centerton, AR


It's not perfect, but it's perfect for me


Let me start with the worst of this microwave -- the controls. Being user-friendly is a must for any product, but especially electronics. Everything should be straightforward and pretty much self-explanatory. Well, using the Magic Chef 1000 Watt Microwave isn't rocket science, but some things that should be simple aren't, and some thing that should take a little more effort are too easy.  If I am trying to program in a specific amouont of time (let's say 5 minutes), I should be able to press "5" then "start", or something along those lines. With this microwave, pressing "5" automatically starts another function. (The #5 is an example only) That's actually a wanted feature and I enjoy having it, but it does take some getting used to. That's just part of this microwave -- I am still working on learning all the features, but they seem a little oddly placed, and I am not technically challenged. I deducted one star for that alone, because some people may find it a real turn off. Power: This microwave IS powerful. If you're a popcorn lover and use the microwave, watch it. Trust me, you won't need even close to five minutes. Space: It's roomy, but it doesn't intrude too much on my counter space.  Looks: It's not fancy and it's not ugly. It is clean looking and fits in with my white kitchen. Inside: There is plenty of space inside, with a nice turntable that stays on its tracks. The microwave is easy to clean, is very affordable, does the job, has many nice extra features (that I still need to figure out, obviously), and fits into most decors. I debated on this and stainless, and eventually chose the white -- I am happy with it. This isn't just a cheap microwave that does the job; it's an inexpensive, attractive (not beautiful) appliance that works well and is very reliable.  

Tallapoosa, GA


Magic Chef microwave does the job


The Magic Chef MCM1110W/B microwave oven handles all of our microwaving needs perfectly well.  At 1.1 cubic square feet, its capacity is adequate for all of the heating/rewarming tasks we have encountered in the six months we have owned it.  The turntable is a generous size and is very stable.  It cleans up easily and fits back in without any difficulty.  it fits in on a "cog", which is less likely to break than the plastic-ring-on-wheels of our last microwave.   Food heated according to the instructions on the frozen food box comes out properly heated, so I believe the heating elements are accurate and sufficient.   As with all microwaves, the steps required to input time, heat level, "quick heat", additional seconds or minutes are unique to this microwave, but are not complicated, and are easy to understand. My only real complaint with this machine is that when cooking time is completed, the microwave beeps five times, loudly.  It beeps five times even if the door has been opened at the first beep.  Late at night this can be annoying; I wish the beeping would stop when the door is opened.  As a result, I tend to set the time for a few seconds more than needed and then spring into action just before it beeps.  I know this is a minor complaint, but it's also an every day irritation.   All in all, this is a perfectly adequate microwave.  It does what is asked of it, which is all I would expect.  After six months of daily use we've had no problems with it.    

Clatskanie, OR


Magic Chef 1000 Watt 1.1 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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