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Triton 300
Magellan Waterproof Hiking GPS

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slow, not accurate, and eats a lot of batteries


We bought this GPS for geocaching and we paid a lot for it because we wanted it to work well.  We have been very disappointed. It runs really slow.  It takes up to 10 minutes to get the first signal.  It doesn't always  have a signal when you're in the forest blocked by trees which is unfortunate because that is when you need a signal most.  The buttons are hard to use.  Our right arrow on the circle button gets harder and harder to press with each use.  This GPS eats batteries like candy.  We need a new set of batteries for every 1-2 hours of use which is not a lot considering how long we like to hike.  It's not very accurate.  It only pinpoints within 5 feet of the geocache and we have to eyeball it from there.  I have never been able to accurately input GPS coordinates.  Every time I do, it shows the coordinates out in the ocean somewhere.  I do like that I can plug it into my computer and quickly download geocaches. All in all, my cell phone does a better job than this GPS and my cell phone was cheaper.

Pensacola, FL


Consider a Garmin instead of the Magellan


We wanted a quick and easy gps for geocaching.  We found this to be not the cheapest at the store but felt like it had more bells than the 50.00 models.  We paid 100.00 for it and found that it had already been returned to the store before, which should've been our first clue. We thought about returning but never did.  AFter setting it up and getting used to it we tried to erasing our information to take it back but it caused a fatal error and we had to reinstall software.  It was a pain.  Not to mention when we tried to use the magellan technical website it was also down. It is bulky to carry with you while geocaching instead of slim and pocket size it is chunky like a brick of cheese. The displays, and menus take a while to get used to as far as when you are trying to find your preprogrammed waypoint and creating a new waypoint.  The magellan cannot find satellites in a car unless it is near a window.  The software that goes with it is better now that it has been upgraded.  That is certainly worth the download.  

Longmont, CO


So far, so good!


The Magellan Triton in our house is used almost daily for geocaching.  We love to geocache and the GPS for this purpose works great.  It loads up quickly when turned on and gets a signal everywhere we have went so far.  So far, so good!  The better batteries work in, and I would recommmend those. 

Arizona City, AZ


Magellan Waterproof Hiking GPS

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