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Portable Car GPS
Magellan RoadMate 3030LM Portable GPS Navigator

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Better than my TomTom


I found this Magellan Roadmate GPS to be better than the previous tomtom I owned. It has better turn signal directions (like letting you know when a turn is coming up) although it doesnt take into account how fast your going. So it might tell you "right turn" approaching, when in fact you've got 3 blocks to go, on side streets. But it tells you if you destination is on the right or left which i find very helpful Processing Speed it take about 3 minutes to reset if you have turned it off somewhere and turned it on somewhere else

West Babylon, NY


Magellan Roadmate 3030 - love this device


We first used a Magellan gps in a rental car for a roadtrip last summer.  Up until that point and time both my husband and myself had made fun of people for using them.  "Why can't people just use a good mapsco for 20.00 bucks??"  (we are not that old, just jaded) After our road trip we were in love.  The best thing about the Magellan is the little "bing bong" sound it gives you to let you know about an upcoming turn.  Sometimes, especially in an unfamiliar area it is really easy to miss your exit when you're looking around trying to figure out where you are.  This *never* happens with our Magellan. We also love the lane assit feature, that shows you what the highway signs look like and what side your exit is going to be on. There are over 6 million points of interest programmed in the unit and it is so fun to punch in "Starbucks" and find out where the nearest Starbucks are and how to get there!  Not to mention with the AAA TourBook there are reviews, addresses and phone numbers! We got a great deal on a unit that included lifetime map updates which I would highly recommend if you are looking to purchase one as the updates can be quite costly. The only con would be that if you want to take a different route than the one the GPS is recommending, it has a really hard time letting go.  It will continue to try to get you to make a u-turn and go the way it has suggested until it is no longer feasible.  

Dallas, TX


Magellan RoadMate 3030LM Portable GPS Navigator

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