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Portable Car GPS
Roadmate 1340
Magellan Portable GPS Navigator

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A good system overall


The new Magellan series of Roadmate GPS systems are very nice. It is all touch screen, you can create a route with several stops and calculate which ones to go to first, second, and so on. The really nice parts are the highway exit ramps that show up on the screen, so you don't accidently get in the wrong lane. It speaks the street names, and is much more accurate than the older systems were. The 1340 has a 3" screen. Even better is the 1470 which features a 5" screen, it's easy to read and loud enough to be heard over the radio. My only complaint is the USB power cord. They are not the greatest quality. The usb connector end that connects to the GPS itself tends to pull out of the cord socket. A piece of scotch tape over it will keep it tightly held in place though. The prices are also much cheaper than the Garmin and Tom Toms. You can buy map updates and easily flash them onto the unit. I use them in commercial vehicles, and although not specifically designed for truck drivers, I've yet to have it send me down a road where trucks are forbidden. Compared to the very few brands that are designed with truck drivers in mind, it is worth the lower price and higher quality. It is bluetooth capable as well. If you are in the market for a good GPS with a reasonable price tag, this is the way to go!

Adams, NY


Magellan roadmate great product!


Great device! My husband and i bought one just after he began working for the railroad and have had it for at least a year now and wouldnt trade it for any other it has never steered us wrong. its gotten us from ohio to texas to georgia to iowa to kansas and so on... really a great buy we prefer it to the competition.

Peebles, OH


Simple GPS Device


This is a simple, no-frills GPS system. However, it functions exactly as expected. It's a basic model unit that will get you from one place to another. The look-up feature works nicely and with my updated maps, finds the correct locations. The maps so far have been very accurate for travel throughout GA and SC. If you are looking for a GPS unit that has voice options, navigation arrow options, traffic, speed limit updates, etc. This is NOT the unit for you. However, if you are looking for a GPS that is affordable and will get you to your desired location, I strongly recommend this unit. There are a few quirks with the unit when trying to type names of locatins. Sometimes the unit will say the letter that you press, but not actually type it. Also, sometimes the unit is a little slow to register your initial location and slow to recalculate. But, that is not unexpected from a budget unit. I guess the most annoying thing is that the unit cannot be removed from the mount without unplugging the device first.

Duluth, GA


The Magellan roadmate 1340


This has a nice touch screen to it, it saves your preferences. You can assign 6 of your most visited locations, which was pretty useful to me(Work, home, school, gym) so i wouldn't have to type an address over and over.  Also has points of interest like EMS, Gas, restaurants etc.  The GPS performed satisfactorily got you to where you wanted to go but it wasn't anything to brag about.  It had a list of problem it was slow to load up(find its location), I suggest turning the device and programming where on a couple minutes before you enter the car.  Voice clarity is not very good sometimes its hard to make out what its saying.  But the the biggest problem with this product is that it is a challenge to see this display in direct sunlight(This if combined with the previous problem can be a very big deal, but thankfully i haven't had any encounters like that yet).  All in All for 40 bucks refurbished from I can't complain too much.

Carrollton, TX


Surprisingly fabulous


Having had a previous experience with a Magellan GPS (the 1220) that left me wanting to back over it with my car, I was internally horrified when my husband and I received the Magellan Roadmate 1340 as a Christmas gift from his parents. Leave it to inlaws to buy the worst possible gift. I wanted another GPS, but not one by the same company that had already given me endless headaches. However, I figured I'd give it a whirl and if it was as bad, return it promptly. No big deal. Imagine my surprise that this GPS is fantastic. It calculates routes quickly, tells you which lanes to be in, warns of traffic ahead, and best of all, gets you to your destination as quickly as possible. I like that it shows your ETA, the speed at which you're going, the distance left, and, most importantly, clearly reads the street names and exits out loud. I really can't say enough about this GPS other than that I am thrilled we got it, and it restored Magellan's reputation for me!

Tacoma, WA


Magellan Roadmate 1340 is a good little GPs


I recently got a Magellan Roadmate 1340 GPS and I don't know how I did without it so long.  This may be one of the smaller screen GPS's out there, but it works great.  I mostly listen to the directions and glance at the screen from time to time, what do I need a huge screen for?  This is very easy for me to carry with me. This GPS has been accurate 99% of the time for me.  The only time it isn't accurate is when it tells me my destination is on the right side of the street when it's really on the left.  It tends to do this a lot, but it's no big deal.  It has gotten me everywhere I wanted to go without getting lost.  Once in a great while, it doesn't tell you a turn quick enough, but it rarely happens. I love that the voice tends to pronounce the street names correctly, at least where I live. It's a very pleasant voice, and I like how the other signals sound as well.  The screen is nice and bright and very easy to attach to the windshield with the enclosed mount This is a great little GPS and you won't be sorry you bought it.

Brooklyn, NY


A Great GPS


The Magellan Roadmate 1340 GPS is a very user friendly product. It's all touch screens so you don't have to worry about trying to figure out the menus like you used to need to do with an older GPS model. It's easy to use for those people who are not familiar with technology, but still has enough advanced features for technologically savvy individuals to enjoy it as well. It comes pre-loaded with USA maps so you don't have to configure very much stuff before you start using the product. The system gives directions out load so you don't have to worry about trying to drive and read the screen at the same time. The voice can also be set at a volume loud enough to be heard over conversion in the car or the radio. The only major drawback to this model is the 3 inch screen. I do prefer the 5 inch screen that is found on the Roadmate 1470 model (I believe it's the newer Magellan version of the 1340), but this one is fine and a bit cheaper if you are looking to save some money. 

Lititz, PA


The Magellan-RoadMate 1340 is very user friendly


The Magellan RoadMate 1340 is very user friendly, it has everything i need to get where i am going. It has a one touch screen that is clear and easy to read. For me it has everthing i need. I enjoy using it. You have instant access to all your favorite places and bookmarks and all kinds of places like restaurants, gas stations, museums and much more. It also gives you ratings and descriptions on AAA approved sites to stay, play, and dinning.

Norfolk, VA


Magellan Portable GPS Navigator

3.9 8