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Portable Car GPS
Roadmate 1400
Magellan Portable GPS Navigator

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Magellan Roadmate is easy to use!


Since my old GPS needed a new map update, I decided to purchase this GPS since the map update on my old one cost just as much. Let me tell you that I am very glad I made that decision. The Magellan Roadmate 1400 is very easy and simple to use. Out of the box I hooked it up to my computer and started charging it while I installed the Magellan software and tried to update its map with the one free map update. There was an issue where the update wasn't being recognized, but a call to Magellan support got that fixed within a day. It took about thirty minutes to update the device and I was finally ready to hit the road. This GPS has all the features you would want; lane assist, road names spoken instead of just left and right, and a bing sound when you need to make a turn. All in all this is one great GPS to have.

Milwaukee, WI


I would recommend looking up directions online just in case..


I have had this gps for almost 2 years now. It came with outdated maps, and did not even recognize my own street. This was especially problematic when going to different cities I was not familiar with. After my first excursion to Houston, constantly getting lost with this thing, I broke down and got the updated maps. A marked improvement, and hey, it actually shows that my street exists now. Even with updating the maps there are obvious flaws, which some may exist for all GPS units. The most annoying flaw? When you live in a city with many highway interchanges, it easily gets 'confused' as to which freeway you are on. If you don't know where you are going, it will completely confuse you as it says to get on the freeway you were already on, etc. Another problem is the available satellites - sometimes it takes up to 5 or 10 minutes for it to find available sattelites and recognize where you are. If you are in a hurry, this can also be problematic. All in all, these problems can be overlooked, for my use anyway. If you do a lot of driving to new and different places, I'm not so sure this would work out. I would always recommend looking on google maps or mapquest before going somewhere new, or having the phone number handy to where you are going. Quite frequently the address would not match up to where it was actually taking me. On the flip side, it is pretty useful if you are driving around somewhere and feel like going somewhere and are not familiar with the area and want to find the closest 'whatever.' Bottom line.. if you are looking for a cheap GPS for light use, then this will work. If you -need- this for more heavy commuting, out of town driving, then I would look for something better.

San Antonio, TX


Gets you to where you want to go


I decided to invest in a gps navigation system to make navigating roads and such much easier. Since this was on sale, I decided to purchase this particular model. I would say that it is pretty handy and definitely gets you to where you want to go. However, the material that is used to hold the device onto the car is very cheaply made. I can testify to this, as this part broke within only several months of use. On the other hand, the directions are very simple to follow and give plenty of time beforehand when verbally giving directions to figure out when to specifically turn or to go onto an onramp. Sometimes, when not knowing the address of the intended destination, it is difficult to search for it on their menu, as you do not always get the results you want. For the amount of money used to purchase this product, though, I would say you get what you paid for. It is usually reliable for the most part, and gets you to where you want to go.

La Crescenta, CA


This is a great product!


I bought this item in the wide screen version for my husband for Valentine's day. He loves and so do I. It is very user friendly!! A friend has a Tom Tom and our Magellan finds what we are looking for every time and his Tom Tom doesn't. It remembers trips, and address and finds GREAT points of interest!!! A great value and a great product!

Muskegon, MI


Magellan roadmate is easy to use, and reliable,


The Magellan Roadmate is very reliable. It would impossible for one to get lost with this electronic device. This electronic device is worth more than its retail value. Similar to other GPS, the Magellan Roadmate does not need batteries. This device can be plug into the car. The Magellan Roadmate 1400 is available is just about any retail store including Wal-Mart, K-mart, and Target. This GPS contains a medium size screen for good visibility. The Magellan Roadmate 1400 contains an address book for its user to store other future destinations. The Magellan Roadmate actually tells one when and where to go in order to reach the desired destination. this GPS provides accurate information and advice when necessary. Before using this product, one has the capability to program the GPS so that he or she can always find their way back home. Furthermore, the Magellan Roadmate 1400 is very easy to use. When traveling, all one has to do is to follow the green line and pay attention to what the device is saying. To make traveling even easier, you can even request for a faster route and manage driving timely.

Vero Beach, FL


Magellan Portable GPS Navigator

3.8 5