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Portable Car GPS
Maestro 4350
Magellan Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Fabulous purchase! Always on target and easy to see!


I have another brand that is a few years old, and let me tell you, I'm jelous that my husband got this one. It's so nice that it loads up quickly, and is always right. The larger screen makes it easy to see and to me that means less time with your eyes off the road. I just love this. Can't wait to get one for my car!

North Berwick, ME


works well


Better than my Garmin Nuve which broke after 6 months.  Never had a problem with this one, get me to my destination when I don't have a clue where I am. Also, can search for gas, coffee, grocery stores, etc.

Morristown, NJ


This GPS has everything!


This GPS has everything! I can *jam* out or *talk* to my buddy while *finding* my way to the nearest say....*Mexican* cuisine. If I get carried away in the conversation and start to speed, my trusty GPS will guide me back to the legal limit. But say I'm one of those people who like to go 5 miles over, because I know cops wont pull me over, there's a setting for that too! You can change the setting to where the trusty voice(also, able to be changed) alerts you if you are going anywhere from 70% of the posted speed limit to 120% of the posted speed limit...or a setting where you can disable it, just in case you have a speed demon inside you! Countless times I have been stuck in traffic on the interstate and just pull out my GPS and press detour, choose the intersection, or piece of road I want to avoid and bam! I'm out of traffic. It also has an optional traffic subscription which I'm now taking advantage of a free trial month subscription. Most importantly, this GPS will guide you back on the path, if you take a wrong turn.

Nashville, TN


Magellan Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

5.0 3