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Maestro Eli
Magellan 5310 Portable GPS Navigator

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Maestro 5310 sent us astray.


This device was a life saver moving into a new city. My wife literally would not have left the house without me until we purchased this GPS. It doesn't have the best features out there, but it was easy to use right out of the box. It was a good thing that I had spent a little time in the area before my family came out, because it tries to have us take roads that have been closed (permanantly and for several years) when going to our new house. But definitely was glad to have it. The search for business by name feature is pretty limited and we often find locations listed 50 miles away, but none locally even though there are 4 or 5. The biggest problem we had was on vacation. We had planned our trip and knew the route we planned to take (and it was the fastest route). We left very early the second day into our trip and by the time the sun was up we were 2 hours east of the route we were supposed to be on. For some reason it tried to keep us on the freeway for as much of the trip as possible. The settings were correct for fastest route, but we were sent on a path that ended up being an extra 5 hours of driving and it was too late to fix it. It would try to do that several other times on our trip, but we wised up and verified the route. I would probably go with a different brand on my next purchase.

San Antonio, TX


Magellan 5310 Portable GPS Navigator

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