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Roadmate 1700, RM1700SGLUC
Magellan 1700LM Portable GPS Navigator

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Easy to view GPS


This is a great GPS, it is very easy to view. We bought it a few months ago and have just used it with are daily trips, and it gets us around. When you make a different turn then what it told you, it reconfigures and gets you going again from where you are. We can't wait to use it for vacation. The size is great and the screen size is great and clear. You can use the view to see where you are and when your turn is coming, but it also speaks, so you are aware of the upcoming turn and how far till that turn. So, if you are the driver of the automobile or just the navigator, you can easy view the screen and change directions. Processing Speed It is a bit slow in some of it's calculations, but maybe we are just to fast. Map Quality & Accuracy The map view is good, and so far the GPS have given accurate directions. Ease of Use As with everything, you have to get used to using it. Be sure to use this on a few small trips that you know to get you used to using it before you go on the big exploration.



A Lifesaver that we used continuously.


My husband and I recently returned home from a 4,200-mile road trip. The Magellan RoadMate literally "saved our bacon" on numerous occasions. We might not have had any idea where we were going, but thankfully the nice woman's voice coming from the GPS led us directly to the door we wanted to be at! Could NOT have accomplished such a L-O-N-G trip without this GPS navigator... Processing Speed We made some "wrong" turns or took other routes. The Magellan RoadMate quickly "recalculated" for us, which came in VERY handy. Map Quality & Accuracy I had printed out tons of maps (in segments) using 2012 Street & Trips. Several times the Magellan RoadMate had more updated maps than what I had printed out. Ease of Use This product was extremely EASY to use. We deleted unnecessary addresses after achieving our goal(s), but there was more memory for use than what was needed. Programming was very easy as well.

San Diego, CA


Good, reliable GPS device


I received this GPS device for Christmas last year.  At first I thought it would just be a good thing to have around, but I have gotten so much use out of it...far more than I expected.  It is pretty user friendly, and I have had few problems with it (it didn't work particularly well in Philadelphia, but neither does my cell phone so there may just be a signal vacuum there).  It not only helps find routes, but if you are on a road trip it tells you where the nearest food and gas are.  You can search by address, and also by the name on a point of interest.  The only problem is that it is not as "smart" as say, a computer, where if you search it finds close matches, so you have to type in the points of interest properly (i.e. it won't find what you are looking for if you type in TJ Maxx instead of T.J. Maxx).  Also, if you have an AAA membership and register your product online, you get a 2 year warranty instead of a one year.  I would say, however, to stay AWAY from the traffic device that you can buy to go with your GPS.  Most of the time it doesn't get a signal, and it doesn't warn you of traffic until you are too far in it to get out.  So that is a total waste of money.

Baltimore, MD


Best GPS out there!!!!


The Magellan Roadmate 1700 is the best GPS I have ever used!!!!!!  It has one touch technology so every move is just at your fingertips. The best feature in my opinion is the 7 inch screen!! Its huge!!!! So if you like big, then this should be yours.  This GPS also has Highway lane assistance.  You ask what is highway lane assistance.  Well do you ever get confused on which fork you take in the road because your GPS is just a little to complicated to understand where it wants you to go.  Well the Roadmate 1700 ensures that you will choose the correct lane well before your next freeway interchange.  It literally puts the streetsigns on the screen and highlights the correct one to take.   Another great feature which I love is the multi destination routing.  In the car for 6 or more hours? No problem! Anywhere and at anytime you can click on the food, bed and gas option and get immediatly routed whereever you decide you want to go.  It even gives you how far till that area and what is on every exit!!!  Also if you are a AAA member, the Tourbook provides ratings and descriptions on AAA approved places to stay, play, dine, and save.  An added feature to this GPS, is the External Audio and Video input.  So while on your drive relax and plug in your ipod and listen to music or watch a video!!!

Clinton, NC


Magellan 1700LM Portable GPS Navigator

4.8 4