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Gaming Headset
Mad Catz
Mad Catz - AX 51 Pro Gaming Headset

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A must have for gamers


Initially I was looking for a pair of wireless gaming headphones, however after reading several negative reviews of them, I decided to go with a wired set like the Mad Catz AX 51  Pro Gaming Headset to use with my XBox 360 and Playstation3.  Wearing a wired headset does take some getting used to, but the cord is plenty long. Setup of these headphones isn't as cut and dry as you would imagine, however its easily enough figured out by following the instructions. The audio quality of these headphones is very impressive once they are setup and calibrated properly. The headphones do seem a bit bulky at first however you quickly become used to it and they are actually very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. The ear pieces are interchangable so you can actually change them depending on your preferences. While a wireless set with the same quality would be ideal, the AX 51 Pro's are a great product.


Somerville, NJ


Mad Catz - AX 51 Pro Gaming Headset

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