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Maclaren Volo Stroller - Black

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Great Umbrella Stroller


I love this umbrella stroller. I drive a mid-size sedan, and this folds up easily and fits perfectly in the trunk without taking too much room. This is not a stroller for an infant, as it can't lean back and does not have the converter for a pumpkin seat. I tried about three other umbrella strollers before finally investing in my Maclaren - and I should have just done it from the beginning. My daughter could lean forward and touch the wheels in so many of the others, and she wasn't very comfortable. This stroller is roomy, has a good shade for the sun, and is perfect for strolling around indoors or around even terrain. I usually only take this stroller indoors (use my jogging stroller for outdoor activity) so other than the leisurely walks I've takena few times, I can really only attest that its a great indoor stroller. My only complaint is that you can't purchase replacement parts easily, that I have found. One of our wheels bent and it took us FOREVER to figure out how to get it serviced!!




Maclaren Volo Stroller - Black

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