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Maclaren Techno Classic Stroller

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McLaren Techno is a great lightweight quality stroller


I have had this stroller for almost four years and it has been sturdy, light, easy and wonderful. When I was shopping for strollers I knew I wanted something light that wasn't bulky. I originally balked at the cost for an umbrella stroller but am now so glad we sprung for the Techno over the Triumph or the Quest. We borrowed our friend's Triumph and it just didn't compare. The wheel action was different, the lack of pocket on the back was inconvenient and not having a window in the canopy was annoying. If you are trying to decide if this one is worth the extra money - it is! Some of the features we have enjoyed on this stroller are the full recline, the pocket on the back which is great for keys and phones, the window in the canopy, the extra height and handle extension, the big wheels with great steering, and the over all durabilty. We have really been rough with this stroller and I keep expecting it to just crack on me and it hasn't after four years and two kids! The cons are, the storage basket is adequate but it's not just fabulous. It does tip easily if you have too much stuff hanging on it and it doesn't have a cupholder. We actually bought a cupholder attachment and it has been great so that hasn't really been a big problem.

Carrollton, TX


Maclaren Techno Classic- ROCKS!!


I've owned this stroller for 4 years and it looks brand new!!! They did have a recall for the hinges but Maclaren quickly sent out covers so kids fingers did not get caught when folding it up. I never personally had a problem as I make sure my children are not near the stroller when I'm folding it. This stroller drives so smooth and is very easy to handle. It's also super light. I think it's worth every penny I spent on it. My children find it to be super comfy too. I also like the basket that is underneath. It's a decent size so you can store things when shopping etc. I highly recommend giving this stroller a test drive, you won't be disappointed one bit.

Linthicum Heights, MD


Maclaren has a good reputation for a reason.


I got this stroller because it had some of the features that I really wanted in a stroller: (1) adjustable handles for parent (2) leg extension for child (3) lightweight (4) 3 or 5 point harness option (5) easy carry handle  (6) accomodates a much higher weight child than other strollers This is what I found: When using the handles extended, they did not feel nearly as sturdy as when they were in the shorter position.  I didn't like the feel.  The leg extension wasn't as easy to pull out and put in as I thought and it didn't seem to make the difference for my son that I thought it would make.  I did like that it is so easy to transport and carry.  I think a handle AND a carry strap would be ideal.  I bought an inexpensive gate check bag and have used this stroller a lot for travel.  It has been on three continents and travels well.  It is great to quickly open up and throw in my son so we can run across the airport and then easily gate check it. Because it is lightweight, it tips easily if you put too much in it.  That's just what is going to happen when you have a lightweight stroller and try to load it down.  I have gotten a lot of really good use out of the stroller and it was worth the price.  If I had to do it again I might go with the Kekaroo Karoo.  I just han't seen in in person so I didn't know if I wanted to go with a brand I didn't know.  Maclaren has a good reputation and lived up to it in my opinion.

Dulles, VA


Maclaren Techno Classic Stroller

4.7 3