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Maclaren Easy Traveller Travel System Stroller

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A new mom must-have!!!


I didn't want a bulky travel system stroller when I had my baby. I bought a different stroller to use when my baby was older, so I decided on a Maclaren Easy Traveller to use with his car seat. I absolute love this stroller!!! It looks great. It has a large basket, (big enough to put a diaper bag and shopping bags) It can be easily pushed and turned with only hand. Which is really convenient when dealing with other little ones. It is much taller than the graco snap-n-go stlye stroller and much better quality all around. The fold is incredibe! It's easy to do and folds so compactly. It fits great in the back of my van and is so easy to travel with. The only thing that could make this stroller better is a larger cup/ bottle holder on the back.

Lake Butler, FL


If you don't buy anything else, buy this!


I didn't find this until my 3rd child, but this is amazing! It easily fits my Chicco Key Fit 30 car seat in setting A. I can quickly pop it out of my trunk (very lightweight and pops right open) and put the baby seat into it. The best asset about this stroller is the HUGE basket. I have never seen a bigger basket in any stroller. I can put my diaper bag and groceries in the bottom. There is no parent tray, but I'm content using the basket for my purse/keys and the provided cup holder. I've even had numerous moms (or moms-to-be) ask me about it while I was out. As a Maclaren, the quality is great and it turns on a dime. I can easily open a door with one hand and glide the stroller in with the other hand. For any first time moms, don't buy the travel systems! They are expensive and bulky. This universal car seat stroller is the only thing you'll need. It would be a very sad day when we we have to move to a real stroller because nothing I have found is better.

Cicero, IN


Great for use with infant


I bought this particular stroller frame, because it is one of the few frames that can be used with my infant carseat, the Chicco Keyfit 30.  I also really like Maclaren strollers, and I like that this folds up umbrella style, which many frames do not.  It makes for much easier travelling and storing!  It is extremely light and easy to push, and the carseat pops in and out in a flash.  I usually walk to and from the grocery store with my baby, and I love using the stroller to transport groceries--the basket underneath is HUGE, and you'd be amazed by how much can fit down there.  The main drawback of this frame compared to others is that it is slightly wider than other frames.  Not by a whole lot, but just enough that I have sometimes wished away those extra inches when I'm trying to get through a tight store.  Yes, Maclarens are a little more expensive than your average comparable stroller, but they are high quality and last forever!

Los Angeles, CA


The Easy Traveller is a must have!!


I love Maclaren strollers! I own 3 of them! The quality is well worth the price. With our first child we bought a travel system. The stroller weighed about 80 pounds, and barely fit in our trunk. I could barely lift it in and out of our trunk by myself! The stroller seemed so cumbersome and heavy to push. With our second child we purchased the Easy Traveller, and it has been my favorite baby purchase so far. We can fit this and our other Maclaren in the trunk of our sedan with plenty of room to spare. It is super light, super compact, folds easily, pushes and steers smoothly, and works perfect with our Graco Snugride 35. I really like that you can adjust bar that the carseat rests on to adjust the incline. The storage basket underneath is also very spacious. I have no problem fitting my diaper bag with room to spare. We use stroller connectors to hook 2 Maclaren strollers together and it works great. I will never own another brand of stroller as long as I have kids to sit in them!

Sandy, UT


Maclaren Easy Traveller Travel System Stroller

5.0 4