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DO NOT BUY an MTD Snow Thrower!


DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!!! Its a terrible burden! Ive owned one of these and had to return it to the seller 4 times in the first 3 weeks. It is almost impossible to start and keep it running, and runs better when choked than on standard operation. Once you use it for more that 20 minutes, it will die, and you will need to wait a couple of hours before it will start again. The tires continually go flat due to poorly designed valve stems that tear. If the temp outside is below 35, it WILL NOT START AT ALL without heating it up! In the time I have owned it I have only been able to use it 8-9 times without it failing completely before my small driveway is finished. After working so hard to start it so many time, the recoil starter cord has now snapped. After many attempts to have it serviced, it is no better. I've wasted SO MUCH time and money trying to get it running. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! This thing is going to the JUNK YARD!


chicago, il.


Good Snow Blower


We bought this snow blower because we move to the snow belt of Indiana and get a lot of lake effect snow. This snow blower works well. We have had several inches of wet snow and it plows through it effortlessly. It also starts easily. It handles deep snow well. It is heavy which makes it less likely for me to use on a regular basis. My husband is the primary user. One bad thing is that is sputters if it doesn't have a little choke. It would be nice if it had heated handles. And a shield and head light would have been a nice added bonus. But for the price we can buy those accessories. We also have a steep driveway and the unit does not slip. We have a narrow walkway my husband has not torn up the grass or the walkway with the snow blower.


Machesney Park, IL




The MTD Snow Blower is what you need to get the job done this snow blower has the power to go right threw the snow and blow it out of your way. This snow blower is inexpensive compare to other snow blowers in its range and for the money it offers alot.


Utica, MI


MTD 8.5 hp/26" Snowblower powerhouse


My MTD 8.5 hp/26" Snowblower is 10 years old and has needed needed nothing beyond normal maintenance. It has been great infor clearing our driveway in Maine. It can handle the heavy duty workout that we give it. When the city snowplows go by they may leave a 24-36" curl at the end of the driveway. This machine will chew through it. The six forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds are a great advantage for steering and working through the snow. When I purchased the snowblower it came with the tire chains - the tire tread is aggressive enough for what I have needed. It has good aggressive teeth on the auger.


Brunswick, ME


MTD's 5.5 HP 22" Yard Machine: OK But with Some Issues


The MTD 5.5.hp 22" Yard Machine blower is a solid product for the price . . . but it has had some problems.  This is a 2 stage machine (metal auger picks up the snow and the 2nd stage blows it.  The belt for the 2nd stage kept slipping (despite numerous adjustments) and eventually broke.  Truth be known I may not have had the best tension for optimal performance, but the replace ment instructions were good and the task not difficult.  Since replacement, I've had no problems with the belt.  The only other issue has been making sure the control cable adjustments for self-propelling and the 2nd stage are set properly.  Once again, as the cable for thr 2nd stage (blowing) loosened, it lost throwing powere and then the chute often clogged.  As before, with proper attention, I have been able to keep the machine operating at more than acceptible efficiency . . . just a lot of tinkering. On balance, I feel it was a good purchase and its pricing was a good deal better than better known brands.


New Market, MD


MTD Snow Blower - All Products

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