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MTD Bolens 31cc Front Tine Cultivator

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Cut the bullwork in half.


I was digging out a section of lawn to install a pavestone patio.  The excavation was tough because of roots, rocks, and hard soil.  I stepped back and thought this part is fierce.  I bought the Craftsmen Front Tine Cultivator.  It softened the hard clay & stone mix that is my New England soil in short time.  It cut the brute sweat and struggle in half.  I dug out the bed and installed a patio that has impressed all who walk on it.   While the cultivator didn't set the stones, it made the project move more quickly by expediting the groundwork. Tip #1 If your going to install a patio, consider this tool.  [It's also great in the garden where it mixes the good garden soil almost as easy as whipped cream.] Tip #2  Nothing is as important to a neat edge and slope as good layout lines (strings): Drive steel rods at the exact corners of your rectangle.  Set the pitch and check your diagonals for equality.  Install an ample and flat bed of stone dust up to exactly one paver thickness from your lines. Lay your stones starting at one edge and work towards the opposite side.  (The corner stones are the last 4 to go in and only after you pull your corner rods).  You can read up on the "how to" by searching the Internet Tip #3 If your not up to craftsman skill level or unable to do heavy work, get a contractor with a good reputation.  Since concrete is so durable, you don't want your pavestone patio to look like it was the cheapest job!   

Medford, MA


One tuff little tiller


I tilled up an area 8' by 10' with this. I didnt expect too much from a 2 stroke tiller on power but this tiller changed my mind. Full throttle, diggin hard & bouncing up & down this 2 stroke was tearing it up. I couldnt believe my eyes, this little tiller was screaming. It locked up twice when large stones wedged up in the blades. Removed the stones, restarted & back to work. Never missed a beat.

Mount Pleasant, PA


MTD Bolens 31cc Front Tine Cultivator

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