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MSR Fuel Bottle (11ounces)

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A great liquid fuel bottle for overnight camping trips


Want a fuel bottle for short overnight backpacking trips so that you don't need to lug around a ton of fuel for your Whisperlite stove? You should check out MSR's 11-ounce fuel bottle. This bottle, made by the same company that makes the Whisperlite stove, is designed to work with the threads on the Whisperlite stove line.  All you have to do is take the fuel-pump assemblage from your Whisperlite stove and screw it on to the fuel bottle.  When there's no fuel pump screwed in, there's a handy stopper that screws in and keeps your bottle leak proof. The bottle, made from aluminum, is very light and very strong.  It's only about 3 inches in diameter and about 9 inches in length.  There's threading at the mouth of the bottle for the stopper or the fuel-pump assembly.  If you were to carry the bottle empty, it's only about 3 ounces.  Filled with fuel, the bottle weighs about 14 ounces. One of the best parts about this fuel bottle is how tough it is.  I've had my bottle for years and besides some scratches, the bottle isn't any worse for the wear.  Unless you subject it to some very severe stress, this bottle isn't going to crack or otherwise break.  Anyone taking it camping should never have a problem.  In addition, aluminum doesn't corrode, so you don't have to worry about the bottle breaking down that way either. The main reason I got this bottle is because I wanted a small fuel bottle to use with my Whisperlite on short, overnight backpacking trips.  On those trips you don't need to lug around a full-sized fuel bottle, so this bottle comes in really handy.  A single bottle will last for a couple of overnight trips for me before I need to fill it again. All in all, I'm glad I have this fuel bottle.  It really fills the need when I'm on an overnight backpacking trip with my Whisperlite stove.  I can pack just enough fuel and not have to worry about the extra pounds. *If you have a need for a liquid fuel bottle and want a small one for shorter trips, you should check out the 11-ounce fuel bottle from MSR.*

Metrowest, MA


MSR Fuel Bottle (11ounces)

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