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MSI Wind U120 Notebook PC

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MSI Wind U120 is a great option for ultra-portability.


The MSI Wind U120 is a great second computer to take to the coffee shop, on airplanes, to the library, or even to the park.  After having this computer for four months, I consistently get 4-5 hours from the battery depending on what programs I am using.  It comes with its own case and is about the size of a Bible - I can even fit it in my purse.  It also has the advantage of a "real" hard drive with Windows XP, while most other similarly-priced netbooks have the kind of memory & OS you would find on a smartphone.  I also find the keyboard more workable than the other small netbooks I tried. One con is the screen resolution.  You probably won't notice surfing the web or even watching movies online, but I would not use it for photo editing.  It also does not have a CD/DVD drive, although it does have three USB ports (pro!) if you want to hook up an external.  The speakers are also worthless, although if you are using this in public places you should be wearing headphones anyway so I haven't found that to be too much of a drawback. Overall I would highly recommend this netbook over the others available on the market for the larger screen, better keyboard, Windows XP operating system, and comfortable keyboard.  There are some areas for improvement in future models, but you won't find better for the price.

Davenport, WA


MSI Wind U120 Notebook doesn't dissapoint


I purchased my MSI Wind U120 in August 09.  I use it 5-8 hours a day at work.  I work in video production and this netbook has served my daily needs.  I don't use it for editing or anything that intensive.  But, I do occasionaly use photoshop on it and it runs it decently.  I also have used it to edit flash video files and convert audio files.  I am currently running Windows XP, Ubuntu, and Jolicloud on the wind.  It handles all with ease.  I also have read that you can install OSX on the wind.  This netbook has a 160GB harddrive which is more than enough for the tasks you will be using it for.  MSI has really packed a heck of a computer into a very small formfactor.  This netbook will not dissapoint you.  It will handle all basic computing needs flawlessly.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Dandridge, TN


MSI Wind U120 Notebook PC

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