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MSI A6200-060US 9S7-168186-060 Laptop Computer - Intel Core i5-430M 2.26GHz, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, DV PC Notebook

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I wish to upgrade the ram



this is a nice laptop


great lap

is nice


The msi laptop is okay


first off the battery life on this machine is decent. with different modes to chose from to adjust the amount of power you use, this laptop surely gets the job done. don't be folled by some reviews this laptop only has around a 2hr battery life. take it from someone who has owned it for 2yrs. even though it had an intresting nice chilet keyboard, typing is somewhat a hassle for word becasue of the random getter keys nd it always messes you up. sexy is a word i would not associate with the laptop because it is a very typical device. not a super nice webcam, not a super nice harddrive, but just decent in a lot of catorgories, which i believe is a prime example why it is just okay. no hassle thus far has really pleased me, even though i have a year left on the warrenty, i still believe that this aspect of the computer makes it worth buying. Very quick start up so new time buyers, this is a very good laptop to begin with. Even my 12 year old son could figure out how to configure it without any hassle. It comes with a Windows 7 home edition if you buy directly form the company itslef, but i find this aspect of it pointless because i, along with many others, find Windows 7 to be the last reason for ever chosing between 2 different laptops. a con is certainly the speakers. i mean if you are into blasting music and listening constantely this is not the laptop for you. if you have ever tried to blast music on a hardtop it is relatively easy, but with this laptop is it near impossible.

Manhattan Beach, CA


Very Impressed with MSI


I must say I was wary of purchasing a laptop that did not come from the big manufacturers like Dell or IBM. However, a techie I know said that MSI was an up-and-coming company. After buying this laptop, I would have to say he was right. The screen is very clear and the keys on the keyboard seem to have just the right "bounce-back." The one complaint I have about the keyboard is the placement of the delete key. Not having a lot of experience with laptops, I can't say if the positioning is any different from others. However, the "control-alt-delete" keystrokes are a lot harder on this machine. Webpages load very quickly. The CD/DVD burner has gotten a real workout for me and has worked well. There has been some freezing up when I burn some audio disks, but I can't say if that's the software or the laptop. I have not used this laptop to watch dvd's, but I imagine it would do a good job. I am very happy with my purchase.

West Hartford, CT


MSI A6200-060US 9S7-168186-060 Laptop Computer - Intel Core i5-430M 2.26GHz, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, DV PC Notebook

4.8 4