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MEElectronics Stylish Sound-Isolating Sports In-Ear Premium Headphones

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Great value


For what it gives and what is costs, this is completely worth it! Sparkles at the top of the range yet with good control on the bass. Very balanced and great all-around sound. Details can be heard and the comfort of this is great with shure olives. I listen to a lot of electronic music and this does the trick. The over the ear style makes microphonics disappear and there are a lot of accessories that come with this. Isolation isn't the best, but what can you expect? Still, that makes these good for everyday use (although I still wouldn't recommend going out into the streets with it) Sound Quality Less airy than the M9 but better in every other way. Very detailed and soundstage is great for this price. Very clear and controlled. Satisfactory on an overall level but for it's price, it really is great. Comfort Memory wire annoying. But with adjusting, the fit is great. Use shure olives. Design Over the ear and very nice style. Durability Solid build and cabling. Should last you a good while. Mine is a few years old and still stays strong.



MEElectronics Stylish Sound-Isolating Sports In-Ear Premium Headphones

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