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MEElectronics - M9P-BK Noise-Isolating 3.5mm High Performance Headset w/Control talk (Black)

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awsome earphones!


For the price, these are the best you can get. real metal used on these units. high quality feeling wires and comfortable ear tips. Comes with 4 extra pairs of ear tips so you can choose the one you like. I personally like the one that came installed on. I personally like these better than M6 series because ear loop things found on M6 are irritating. M9 series is the best they offer w/o ear loops. M9P comes with mic with on/off switch so you can do voice control and ipod controls with your iphone/ipod. These will be the perfect stressless carry-on earphones compared to other way cheap ones or way expensive logitech ones. I am glad I started using these and I bought 14 more after trying the first set.


Tampa, FL


Excellent value, but make sure your device is supported


I got an excellent deal on this headset, but I purchased too hastily.  I didn't check to make sure that my Android phone was supported.  You need to have an apple style headset jack for it to work properly.  The mic doesn't work with my phone, and there is a hiss in the background.  I guess it could be a malfunction, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm still going to keep the headphones.  They are pretty well made and were an excellent value.  Given the price I paid, it wouldn't really make sense to send them back.  Maybe my next phone will support them. The design is very practical.  The first thing I noticed was the cord; it's braided nylon with a solid layer of transparent nylon over the top.  It feels like a regular cord only stiffer, and I expect it to last longer.  The jack is gold plated and slimline; It feels absolutely solid.  The headphones themselves have very large drivers for buds, about 3/16".  They're almost too large to stick tightly into my ear canals; they only fit with the smallest rubber seal pieces on. The headset comes with a bunch of useful accessories.  You get 5 different sets of earpieces (3 single, 2 double seal), a soft flexible rubber piece to wrap the cord around (works well, I will definitely use this one way or another), and a round softshell zippered case.


Sioux Falls, SD


MEElectronics - M9P-BK Noise-Isolating 3.5mm High Performance Headset w/Control talk (Black)

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