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MEElectronics M6 Headphones

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Great sound; great for workout


I bought these for the sole purpose of working out. The excellent sound quality is a huge plus. I like how these earphones come with a soft case and a variety of tips to use. The best for me are the flange tips. They really help these earphones stay in your ears. Initially, sound quality is terrible. It was very muddy and bassy. I'm no audiophile, but they didn't sound great. After breaking them in by playing a combination of white noise, music for over 30+ hours, the sound difference is noticeable. I noticed the clarity changed. There is actually treble now. It's still bassy. If you love bass, you'll like them. The fit is very comfortable for prolonged usage. I did not experience ear fatigue after using it for 5 hours straight. It's very light and they look great. They don't stick out like other iems do. I have other iems that make me look like frankenstein. I only use those at home. For the price, it's one of the better iems on the market. It doesn't sound as amazing as my other iems, but it's close.

Burlington, MA


MEElectronics M6 Headphones

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