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Medicine Hunter
Medicine Hunter Calming Sleep

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M.H. Calming Sleep works without side affects, though pricey


re:  M**edicine Hunter Calming SleepTo those who seek sleep: **  I have been using this product nightly for roughly 5 months.  I have had anywhere from minor to extreme sleep issues since I was about 18.  I'm 61 now.  I discovered Medicine hunter by happening on it on a shelf next to other sleep aids.  I was looking for something without valerian, since, for me at least, it promotes panic attacks the morning after using it.  I had been noticing this trend with Valerian for over a year before I was positive Valerian was the culprit and stopped using it.  Medicine Hunter works.  Often I use it in conjunction with other supplements.  However, when "Calming Sleep" is out of the loup, the quality of my sleep is substantially worse.  I wish it was less expensive or that perhaps I could buy it in bulk and get a discounted price that way.  It is deceptively packaged.  Five bottles of Calming Sleep when consolidated will fit into one bottle.  In the store where I buy it, large amounts are kept in stock, compared to other drug and herbal sleep aids.  This suggests to me that many others are having success with this wonderful product.

Omro, WI


Medicina Hunter Calming Sleep lived up to it's name


This is regarding MEDICINE HUNTER CALMING SLEEP at Walmart...I'm housebound at the moment which can be stressful in it's own way.  i don't have to be anywhere in the morning-I'm not used to that. I keep crazy hours (because I CAN) and when I do go to bed I lay there and stress out and worry about everything in my life from a to z which causes me to lay there and I can't get to sleep unless I get high (PLUS my wife SNORES LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN)  When I was exercising alot, that naturally helped me sleep well, but since I've been so sedentary, So smoking some weed knocks me out, but I really want to kick the daily weed habit  because it totally makes me lethargic the next day, plus I stay up until ALL HOURS on the internet and/or watching tv or chatting or listening or all the above and sleep until ALL HOURS which is a waste of daylight...a couple of days ago I bought CALMING SLEEP. I took it about 15-30 min. before I went to bed, but I would say I actually started feeling the effects with 15 min. I starting feeling sort of groggy, sort of sleepy, but not like I was going to just DROP.  I SLEPT SO GOOD!  I think I was asleep in no time.  I slept solid all night.  I got in bed about 11:30.  In the morning, about 8:00, my wife was leaving, I barely woke up, was still comfortably asleep.  It was a very relaxing, CALMING SLEEP.  When I "woke up" I had no "hangover" or drugged-out feeling, no forgetfulness, I felt energetic and ready to go. I hate to sound like a commerical, but for me, it worked great.  By the way, I took one tablet, although the package said you could take two "in times of high stress." The best thing for me is knowing that it's not only natural but legal! (Oh and no cannabis!) Link

San Leandro, CA


This stuff made my lower back, around my kidneys, ache so bad


I tried Medicine Hunter Calming Sleep as I have problems getting to sleep.  The first night I took it, I noticed no difference, and am aware that sometimes it takes time for herbs to take effect.  The next few nights I took it, and noticed that each morning when I got up, my lower back hurt so bad I could hardly move; the pain also went around to the front around my ovary area.  I stopped taking it, not knowing whether this was a coincidence or not, and 2 days later the back and kidney pain went away.  I looked up the ingredients, and Epimedium is one of them.  After researching, I found that this is actually Horny Goat Weed, used mainly for male sex libido.  When taken with other ingredients (I don't know which ones), it is supposed to increase the function of the kidneys.  I'm only guessing that this is why my lower back was in such terrible pain.  Why put this ingredient in a sleeping solution?  I threw the bottle away; I would not recommend this to anyone-I have actually found that Sleep MD works wonderful; and it has ingredients that are simple and common herbs that work together to help you sleep.

Martinsburg, WV


Medicine Hunter Calming Sleep

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