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MEDC215EW 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer - White

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Don't buy it!!


Don't buy it! This dryer isn't good for anything because nothing EVER dried on the first cycle. We always had to run it at least twice. Good luck getting jeans dry. This dryer was a huge waste of money, not onle did we waste it on the dryer, but electricity, and time. Load Capacity At first we put in too many clothing items and paired down. The thing still didn't dry the clothes with only 8 shirts in it. It was supposed to be able to do at least 12 shirts, this took three times to dry. Even then, they were still damp. Performance We had to run it three times with small loads before they got dry, even just light shirts and shorts took that long to dry. We laid our jeans out in the sun to dry because they never got dry. It was making our electric bill sky high running it so much. I only had it for two years and from the start it didn't work well. Ease of Use I was really easy to use. The knobs were labeled and were extremely self explanatory. You just put the clothes in, turn the nozzle to correct setting, and push the button, but you have to do it three times before your clothes get dry. Durability It didn't dry that well from the start so I don't think that it was durable from the start. Design It looked nice but I just wanted it to work. I didn't care what it looked like because it was in my laundry room.

Galt, CA


MEDC215EW 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer - White

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