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MD Sports
MD Sports Springdale 7.5 ft. Billiard Table with Bonus Cue Rack


Beautiful styling and precision performance spotlight this high value billiard table.

Table features a high quality, scratch resistant, rail coating which improves durability. Also includes wall mounted cue and accessories rack.

The Springdale pool table comes complete with a full complement of accessories.

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Love it


I have to say we purchased this MD Sport Springdale 7.5 foot Billiard Table with Bonus Cue Rack a few years ago for our chalet in the mountains in Tennessee and I do believe I made a wonderful investment in buying this product. First of all it is very nicely crafted and looks just beautiful and the wood is very nice. This is a very impressive pool table looking at it and playing on it. I must say I am extremely impressed with the durability because after two years of playing on it and also we rent out our chalet so many families come and go and many children play on it and it has withstood the test of time. I can also say that the price for this product is extremely affordable for what I got. It comes with a really nice cue rack that you hang on the wall. It is a good size and we have not even gotten a scrape on the felt on top of the table. This pool table comes with everything I needed so I did not have to spend extra money on cues or balls or anything. I would definitely recommend this pool table for anyone who is in the market for one.




Do not buy a wood top pool table!


I received the MD Sports Springdale Billiard Table as a gift and I realized immediately that this table wouldn't be playable in a short period of time because it has a wood top. This table started off level and the balls rolled like they would on a slate table. After playing a couple of games on this table I noticed a change in the felt around the corner cushions. There was a little more slack in the creases and under further review I found out that the wood had slightly warped from leaning on the table during play. I was able to play through it but it greatly impacted the way I played on a slate table. I decided not to play on this table for a couple of weeks, but when I returned to it I noticed that the wood had expanded on the top of the frame. I had this table located in my basement during the summer and the humidity greatly affected the wood. I would definitely not recommend the MD Sports Springdale Billiard Table because it has a wood top and practicing on this table will not translate to a traditional table.


Westchester, IL


Good entertainment


Even though we received this pool table for free I would have definitely gone out and bought it. It has gotten so much use and it is such a cool thing to have at the house. Lot's of people come over just to play pool. Definitely gives us something to do in the winter. The cue rack that it comes with fits perfectly in the corner of the basement. It has taken quite a beating between my kids and just people accidentally banging it with cue sticks or beer bottles. The awesome thing is that it barely has a scratch on it. The felt is in great shape. I have not had any problems with the balls rolling around, the table seems very even. No slants or tilting. My family, friends, and I really enjoy using this pool table. The kids have their little step stool and we have special short cue sticks for them to use. They think its really cool to play pool with the adults. It gives us something to do together in the comfort of our own home.




MD Sports Springdale 7.5 ft. Billiard Table with Bonus Cue Rack

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