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MD Sports
MD Sports Fulton 7 ft. Billiard Table with Bonus Cue Rack


Affordable cost and superior value make this billiard table the ideal choice for those looking for high performance.

The extra durable black laminate and sturdy construction resists wear and tear to provide your family with years of playability. Its compact size also allows it to fit in smaller spaces. The Fulton comes complete with a cue rack and full set of billiard accessories.

Perfect for the whole family!

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Nice and sturdy pool table with a nice rack!


We have this pool table in our basement and we have a blast with it every family get together! The pool table is built to just the right height for kids and adults to play with it. The cue sticks would be a bit hard for the smaller kids to play with but my 8 year old nephew can play a game of good pool! The holes are big enough to hit the balls into successfully and the flocked top is smooth and has no bumps or low spots so the balls roll evenly. The bumper pads can take a strong hit so it's a tough table. Nothing has been spilled on the table top but it does need a cleaning once in a while and we take the small funnel part of the dust buster cleaner attachment and gently go over the flocked part to get the dust and dirt off. The wood we use a nice wood polish on it and it keeps the shine nice. The balls we just take a gentle cleaning wipe and make sure they are clean as some times your hands leave a smear on the ball from the oils on your skin, making it look greasy.



MD Sports Fulton 7 ft. Billiard Table with Bonus Cue Rack

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