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MBNA - mastercard

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Not Good for Balance Transfers


I had an MBNA Mastercard for several years but finally closed the account because of issues. I opened it mainly to transfer the balance of a card with a higher rate to it during a promotion where you received 0% interest on transferred balances for six months. The problems began once the initial six months ended. At the end of those six months all the interest that had accumulated on the amount that was remaining was added to my balance. I was surprised and not expecting it. The minimum payment also increased. And, the interest was charged at the new rate of about 18% from that month onwards. It was entirely my own fault for not completely understanding how the balance transfer process worked at MBNA but I was still annoyed about the whole thing the entire time I had the card. I did manage to pay off the balance and did cancel the card after that. On the plus side, bill payment and account management was very easy. The website was easy to use and mailed payments were always processed on time. Overall I really cannot recommend MBNA.

Vernon Rockville, CT


MBNA - mastercard

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