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MAC Makeup Remover Wipes

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I love Mac's makeup remover wipes. I am all about the ease of them! you can take them with you on the go or leave them at home. They are great for even the longest lasting makeup. Waterproof will wipe right away. I can see where someone with very sensitive eyes would not want to remove their eye makeup with them because they lean more towards the harsh side but it isn't too bad. I would recommend them to anyone.

springfield, mo




For the price, I'd rather use a bit of olive oil and baby wipes to remove my makeup. 20 times effective. But for travel I recommend these wipes. I usually enjoy mac products, but it's just not worth the price there are so many other drugstore wipes and other methods (as I just described) to remove makeup for a cheaper price. Effectiveness Removes makeup quickly and effectively to leave the skin clean but again for the price i'll stick to my old school routine of removing my makeup. But on the road or on the plane it's great just to get the quick fresh face feel and get rid of a face full of makeup. Does not leave behind to much of a residue but however I don't travel much so I don't feel the need to continue buying this product Ease of Use pulls a bit on the eye skin but leaves the skin moisturized, bright and happy. However take of your mascara prior to use because it does not get the product out the eye lashes very well.



Girl's late night best friend


I have tried using makeup remover wipes from other companies and to be honest I never felt like my skin got that clean. I always felt like there was some sort of residue left on my skin. I recently tried MAC's makeup remover wipes and was surprised by the lack of sticky residue feeling that wasn't left behind after using the wipe. I think that you could use these wipes on a daily basis. I don't use them daily. I usually wear very light makeup and enjoy washing my makeup off my face at night. These wipes are perfect for those late nights when you just went to get in bed and fall asleep. I also like these wipes for those nights that your makeup is a little dark and dramatic. I think that these wipes are good for all skin types. I have sensitive combination skin and had no problems with irritation.

Jacksonville, FL


Some of the BEST


A friend had suggested I get my makeup done by an artist with MAC for my wedding.  One night after work we went over and the artist handed me the wipes to take off my mascara, since that was the only makeup I was wearing.  I had expected something kind of generic due to the packaging and what I got was completely different.  How great are these?  Not only did they take my mascara off but they left my face feeling soft and smelling so clean.  I have very sensitive skin and had half expected my face to breakout from using these new wipes.  I was more than pleased to find that I had no reaction at all to them.  Makeup removal is easy as 1 2 3 when you use these wipes.  I didn't leave with any makeup that day but I did leave with a package of make up remover wipes.  MAC has done their homework on these and doesn't need to change a thing!  I recently purchased a pack for my sister as a stocking stuffer, she is now in Love too!

Knoxville, TN


Works like a charm!


I have to admit that as much as I love MAC, I was a bit nervous about purchasing these wipes. I've read so many reviews in the past that claimed these wipes burned and irritated their skin. As someone with dry and somewhat sensitive skin, I try to be careful with what I use. I decided to pick these up anyway because MAC has such a great return policy. I'm glad that I did. These wipes removed my makeup with minimal effort. This includes my mascara and eyeliner. These makeup removing wipes are much more efficent than the drugstore wipes I had previously used. And what a surprise - these are actually cheaper in the long run! When I first used these, I was expecing the worse. I was pleasently surprised to find that my skin wasn't irritated at all. The fragrance is nice. I'm not really sure how to fully describe it. It's light and definitely not overpowering. I don't find the texture to be rough at all, they're actually pretty soft. A common problem that people tend to have is that the last few wipes dry out. This is easily resolved by storing your wipes upside down. This will keep your wipes moist and ready to use! I'm almost through the bulk pack and I will definitely repurchase.

Beverly Hills, CA


Removes all MAC and other makeup you wear


Lots of makeup removers really sucks but MAC actually removes the makeup for you. I once bought a makeup removed and after using it, i wiped my face with a towel and make up got on it. With MAC that does not happen at all.

Columbus, OH


MAC Makeup Remover Wipes

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