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MAC Tinted Lipglass - All

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Great colors!


I love Mac's lipglass. I havent found any other colors that will show like theirs. I think its worth the 14.50. I have found that if you brush your teeth and then put it on right after you will have a pasty line around your lips at the top. So if you are a lip licker then be careful because it might happen also. Sounds weird? Yes it does but it happens to me and my 15 year old daughter. Overall it lasts long and is great. I am a newbie to their lipglass but I will be trying more out soon!

Fort Worth, TX


Great Variety


The best thing about MAC lipglasses are the variety of color that they supply.  The amount they have are just endless and that's sort of the only thing I love about these lipglasses.  The problem with this is that they glosses are so thick and sticky that it gets caught in my hair and it doesn't look natural.  I don't want my lips to look like something a stripper would wear.  I know that some people don't have problems with thick glosses since it tends to stay on your lips longer but usually during the day, the second application gets too thick and tacky.  Also, for those that get those nasty white lines that form during the day... stay away!  As for price point, it is not that bad compared to other high end brands.  If you are not that fickle on color selection i would probably recommend you to go to your regular drugstore and find something else for half, or even more, of the price. 



I love MAC Lipglass!


I was introduced to MAC Cosmetics before my wedding in 2003. I got myself and my sister makeovers and bought products to use on my special day. While I don't use much of any makeup now, my go-to lip color is MAC Lipglass. My specific color is Lovechild. It is the perfect plum color without being overbearing or just out there. MAC Lipglass has good coverage. It is more expensive, but as girls know, when you find the right color, you just have to have it. I'm not one to buy new products ever few months, so this lasted me a few years and when I ran out, I bought the exact same product and color.  Just be careful getting a makeover from the MAC stores. The girls there have way too much makeup on. I really like the girls at counters within department stores. The women there looked normal. My only complaint is that it goes on sticky. I have to watch my hair whenever I wear it to be sure my hair isn't sticking to my lips. But I am willing to work through it because I love the color.

Brighton, CO


my favorite!


I love MAC lipglasses and have been using these for many years now.  They are my favorite lipglosses! These come in a variety of colors, bound to suit each and everyone's skin color and their preferences.  I love the consistency of these lipglosses.  They're not too sticky, not too gooey, and I don't mess up the look when I rub my lips together.  They're perfect in every way!  The applicator wand puts the right amount of gloss on my lips and I love the sheen that it gives.  Its not overly glossy, if you get what I mean. Some of my favorite colors include Poetic License, Enchantress, and Underage. All these compliment my skin tone very well and I always receive compliments when I wear them. Best of all, I love the Back 2 MAC program that they offer; for every 6 MAC products that you recycle and return back to their stores, you get a free lipstick in return.  I don't think I've ever had to purchase a lipstick from them!  Overall, great quality and I love the brand!

Portland, OR


Yummy MAC lipglass


I do not use many MAC products however any of their lip products are so insanely fabulous and well worth every penny.  Yes they are pricey but they are also worth that money.  MAC has perfected the art of the lip gloss in the lipglass products.  They are very long lasting and never ever sticky or tacky.  They give you mega watt shine and last and last with no gooey feeling.  I love all the different colors and shimmer options that they have.  Some of the shades are very unique and you will not find them anywhere else I can tell you that right now.  Most of my favorite shades are now discontinued but I do still find many new shades that are quickly turning into my new favorites.  I cannot stress how this lip gloss is really worth every penny!  It will last and last through the sips of water to the blotting and it still looks good afterwards.  And you will love how it feels on your lips so smooth and never gritty. 

Neenah, WI


MAC Tinted Lipglass is nice.


MAC Tinted Lipglass is a bit sticky, but that is what makes these have the lasting power and the shine they have. Every other gloss I have tried feels useless, pointless, and bland compared to MAC's.  All other lip glosses just feel like I am slapping something on top of my lips. MAC's Tinted Lipglass feels like I am transforming my lips.  I love MAC lipglasses.  Before MAC lipglasses, I found lip gloss scary and sticky and so annoying.  I know it's generally stickier than most, but it is that way because it lasts on the lips and does not dry them out.  Everytime i wear MAC Tinted Lipglass, it really softens my makeup with the perfect lip.  For those who don't like the sticky factor, this isn't for you.  I think MAC's lipglasses are some of the best on the market. They have wide spectrum of colors.  The price is cheaper than a lot of other department store brands.  The quality is great because it lasts a long time moisturizing lips.

Apollo Beach, FL


True love at one swipe


MAC cosmetics is a favorite brand I use. Love, love, love their lip products especially this lipglass. It goes on smooth and makes your lips look so kissable. My favorite color is Prrr it's a light fosty pink. I'm very picky when it comes to lipgloss and only use gloss from certain brands.

Mount Vernon, IL


MAC Tinted Lipglass - All

4.6 7