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MAC Pigment - Lark About (Limited Edition Naughty Nauticals Collection)

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Lark About From Naughty Naughticals - A Thawed Frozen White?


Naughty Nauticals hit the counters and MAC stores today.  This was a highly anticipated collection for many MAC enthsiasts, but it seemed to fall flat in many ways.  One of the things that many people were looking forward to in the MAC collection called Naughty Nauticals was release of some new pigment colors.  Pigments are highly anticipated because they are versatile.You can use them on eyes, lips, face, and mix them into anything from nail polish to lipgloss if you so desire. I even use them in my paintings that I do.I am reviewing each of these pigments seperately because there is so much to say about each of them.  Each is completely different in color, advantages and disadvantages.  I want to be sure that anyone out there who really wants to know about these pigments and who can not get in to see them like I can not (without buying them sight unseen) will have enough information to make a good buying decision.LARK ABOUT pigment is one of the pigmens in the Naughty Nauticals collection that seemed mysterious.Various photos had it looking anything from very dark gray to almost white.WHAT IS LARK ABOUT LIKE?Lark About is an icy gray base with very finely milled violet blue shimmer in it.  The effect on the skin is translucent violet glow with an almost white looking background to it.  The texture is a bit rough, but not nearly as chunky as other MAC pigment colors like Rose, Steel Blue, or Helium.WHAT COLOR IS LARK ABOUT?Lark About pigment from Naughty Nauticals is very similar to Frozen White, a pigment that MAC has carried in their pro line for a long time.  They occasionally release it to the general public as a promotional.  The difference between Frozen White and Lark About is that Frozen white has larger shinier particles which give off the effect of a more metallic look to it.  The iridescent color is still glowy blue violet, but it is more intense. Lark About is the same color - put next to Frozen White they look almost identical, but except for one small difference.  The finer milling of Lark About gives it a better blending ability so that if you want the color of Frozen White, but not the "over the top" metallic appearance, you can use Lark About with success.WHAT TEXTURE DOES LARK ABOUT HAVE?Lark About has a rough texture, but it is smoother than Frozen White.  It does tend to be a bit messy with fallout, so make sure you use it carefully.  With a good base (I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance), Lark About will give a lovely glow to the skin and make a nice highlighter too.HOW TO USE LARK ABOUTYou can use Lark About dry as a wash, pack it on gently as a shadow, and even use it with a damp brush for a more intense look.  It is a bit more challenging to blend than some other MAC pigments, but still doable if you have a good base.  If you want some more intensity yet, try it with a tiny bit of mixing medium added to it.  I make my own with 3 parts of water to one part glycerine.  By mixing a tiny bit in, you can apply it wet and it will give a more intense *foil like* appearance.FINAL COMMENTSI use Frozen White very often. It is delightful as a highlighter on people who look good in glowy blues and intense pinks.  It also is lovely as a touch of highlight in the center bottom lip of red, pink or purple lipsticks or glosses, blended well.Lark About, although it is annoying that it is another rehash of previous colors from MAC (which would only bother MAC pigment collectors really), I think that its new finer milling will make it useful for a lot of things.I do like this color and think it would be a good addition to anyone's pigment collection if they love icy cools and unique iridescence. 


Podunk, NY


MAC Pigment - Lark About (Limited Edition Naughty Nauticals Collection)

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