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MAC Pigment - Full Force Violet

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My FAVORITE Mac Pigment.


This is by far my favorite MAC pigment. I am a sucker for blue purples. Full Force Violet is an intense, richly pigmented cobalt-blue. I can see violet, but I also see a lot of blue in it, which I suppose is why color is in the eye of the beholder. Its not as finely milled as other pigments, but the color pay off is great. You can rock it sheer over other colors to make them differne,t or you can pack the color on for an intense color. While it is not reccomend for the eyes, I use it a lot in that fashion, but I can be used for a bunch of other things too. Want to give your nails a little spark? try mixing the pigment into either a clear nail varnish or even a light colored polish. You can use it as a blush, mix it with your lip stick or glosses for a different effect. The uses are amazing and limitless, if you are looking for a great pigment, it is worth the trip to the MAC Pro stores to purchase. Trust me You will LOVE it!

Providence, RI


MAC Pigment - Full Force Violet

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