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MAC PRO Glitter - Reflects Blackened Red

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Shimmery, glittery, all around fabulous.


I absolutely adore MAC's full line of products. I have a passion for makeup, so every time I go to the mall I make a beeline for their local boutique. Having blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin, it's sometimes hard to find lighter shades that don't wash me out. However, MAC PRO Glitter line is the answer to my prayers! It has just enough pigment and just enough shine to enhance, rather than distract. Perfect for highlighting cheekbones, brow bones and the inner corners of your eyes, MAC has truly found a lightweight and fun way to brighten up the face. I would happily recommend all of MAC's high-quality products to anyone who will listen. Also: ATTENTION! If you have thick-rimmed glasses (as I do) you know how hard it is to really make your eyes stand out. Here's a tip, girls! Highlight the inner corner of your eyes as well as your brow bone with any of MAC's PRO Glitter lighter shades using a small brush. Next, take a darker shade, and starting at the outside corner, go halfway across the lid. Blend it in! Last, take liquid liner in any color (try to compliment both your eyes and your frames) and, starting from the inner corner of your eye, wing it out! This will give you a dramatic look, toned down just enough by your frames to not be over-the-top. Rock this look day or evening. It's appropriate for almost all occasions!

Dublin, CA


Awesomeness in a bottle


This product is awesome,not only does it last you because you dont need much of it in order for people to see your eyeshadow but it is a beautiful color that can match with almost any outfit and any different color shadow

Brooklyn, NY


I love this pigment and Beauty Budget has it for cheap


I was so surprised that this mac pigment was so easy to use.  And it just take a little bit.  A whole Mac cosmetic pigment jar lasts me for 6 months.  I can layer it for drama or wear lightly for a soft sweet look!  Whats even better is that I found this discount mac makeup item at beautybudget dot net for half the price of the mall store!  They also carry other brands!

Wichita, KS


MAC PRO Glitter - Reflects Blackened Red

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