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MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo - Polar Opposite (Limited Edition Electroflash Collection)

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For sparkling and/or smoky eyes


MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos are my absolute favorite eye shadows, and Polar Opposite is a great example of why these shadows are so fabulous.  On one side is a shiny silver shadow, perfect for layering with a dark eyeliner (I recommend MAC Fluidliner) for a night out on the town.  The other side is a mosaic of different colors...browns and silvers.  When swirled together, it produces a shiny taupe color that is very complimentary to any eye color.  Worn with an earthy eyeliner, it would be low key enough for daytime wear and professional enough to wear to the office.  The MIneralize Eyeshadows are perfect for anyone who wants a shimmery eyeshadow that is versatile enough to blend for any occasion.  And because MAC created these using minerals, they are easy on the eyes and don't cause irritation.  The shadows also don't use chemicals that might irritate the skin.  They also last all day long without creasing or fading.  I recommend all MAC Mineralize eye shadows, and this shade in particular.

Baltimore, MD


The Dark Side of This is Especially Lovely and Unique


Of all of the eyeshadows from the MAC ELECTROFLASH MINERALIZED EYESHADOW DUOS collection that just came out recently, I was not expecting to be impressed with the one called POLAR OPPSITES. It looked kind of boring to me in photos.When I saw it in person, however, my opinion changed.WHAT IS POLAR OPPOSITE LIKE?The ELECTROFLASH collection of MAC shadows is a domed shadow made of a special mineralized formulation which is baked in Italy. The color is divided in half and one half is marble and the other half is a solid color.POLAR OPPOSITE MINERALIZED EYESHADOW DUO has a nice light silver side for its solid side. For the marble side, it is made up of pink, buttercream, silver, midnight purple/blue gray, pewter and gunmetal.HOW TO USE POLAR OPPOSITEPOLAR OPPOSITE has a delightful gray that comes out of the marble side. It has great depth and is very useful as a contour or for a gentle smokey eye. The light side comes out an icy blue-gray. To use dry- use over a nice eyeshadow base (Urban Decay, Too Faced, Lancome, have good ones and MAC Fluidlines make a nice base too).Try to pat on to avoid fallout, and then blend gently.To use wet, scrape a little off and put in the lid of the container and then wet a synthetic brush (MAC 242 is a good one) so that it is moist and not dripping. Use the container cover as a painter palette to mix the shadow so that it is sort of like runny sour cream- not too watery.I use mixing medium made from 1 part glycerine and 3 parts water.You can also use this as a liner and highlighter wet or dry.The dark side of Polar Opposite goes very well with the light side of HOT CONTRAST (another of this collection that I also reviewed on this site).COMMENTSThe silver side of polar opposite is very beautiful. It is not as metallic as MAC pigments are, but it still gives a lovely silver sheen- a step above many other shadow lines in appearance when used full strength.The gray part of this duo is particularly fun to use and will reflect different colors around it- purple, burgundy,pink- the list is long of what you can use with it.I even saw an artist put it together with the orange side of TWO TO GLOW (another of the collection) which I never would think would work, but it did!This is limited edition, so be sure to grab it while you can- once it is gone, it is gone.You can still get these at www.maccosmetics.comor at MAC stores or counters. MAKE SURE NOT TO WET YOUR SHADOW DIRECTLY OR IT WILL MELT.Also, these are very fragile, so be extra careful with them. They tend to break more easily than MAC shadows.Oh, and I wanted to mention, that I rarely have problems with the MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows as compared to their regular shadow line. They are well worth checking out.

Podunk, NY


MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo - Polar Opposite (Limited Edition Electroflash Collection)

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