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Some of the Best Mascara Out There!


For years I was told by fellow makeup fans and artists that MAC mascara was awful, so I never tried it. Finally one day I was able to try out a new tube of MAC mascara and was amazed at how really good it was. Since that day I have used MAC mascara most of the time on myself and on clients when I am asked to do makeup. At the time of this review, these are the mascaras I have tried: **Zoomlash** **Zoomfast Black** **Plushlash** **Extended Play** **Dazzle Lash** **Haute and Naughty** I have liked most of them, although Dazzlelash and Haute and Naughty I did not like well. I also have very sensitive eyes and have not had any problems with MAC mascaras, which is more than I can say for most drugstore brands. I have burning eyes from a lot of brands of mascara and so far MAC has not caused any sensitivity problems. Performance Zoomlash and Zoomfast Black are gel based mascaras and they work well for lash definition and length. It takes a bit longer to dry than other mascaras. Plushlash really thickens lashes and emphasizes the lashes nicely. It has a nice way of thickening and does not tend to flake or smear even when eyes are tearing. Extended Play is my all time favorite mascara from any line. Lashes are longer and moderately thickened. The difference is startling on my eyes and I use it often. It is easier to remove than Benefit They're Real yet just as dramatic. I did not like the performance of Haute and Naughty or Dazzlelash. They crumbled and were lumpy and I was not a fan. All of the mascaras remove well with mascara remover or facial cleanser. Ease of Application With the exception of Plushlash which has a very thick brush, all of the MAC mascaras seem to be easy to apply and use without making a mess around the eyes. Zoomlash sometimes gets spots under the lash area, but if I am careful it is fine. Extended Play is really easy to apply and I never seem to make a mess with that.

Podunk, NY


MAC mascara not very good


I am a big fan of all MAC makeup products, however, the MAC mascara is one of the makeup products that I will not buy. You are better off buying a mascara at your local discount store like CVS. MAC's mascara clumps easily and after about a month or so it starts to dry and clump up in the bottle, and especially on the brush. Therefore, when you go to apply the mascara onto your eyelashes it applies clumpy to your eyes, and pretty soon you look like one of those ladies who got into a fight with her mascara brush and now has spider web, clumpy eyelashes, yuck! I definitely would not recommend MAC's mascara, you will be better off buying Maybelline or Covergirl and plus it will be a lot cheaper and way better quality. For MACs mascara you can hardly put on more then one application, if you try to make your eyelashes be a little bit bigger and do a second application you start to get clumps. This won't happen whe you first buy it but give it a couple of days and it will.

Orlando, FL


MAC Mascara - All Products

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