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MAC Liquidlast Liner

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Great Liner


I love this eyeliner by Mac. It is just great! Mac always has some of the best selection of shades to chose from and I honestly don't think that their prices are too hefty. I recently bought this eyeliner in inkjet. I'm always looking for a liner with a very thin application brush. I'm not the greatest at make-up application so anything that makes my life easier is worth it. This liner was truly great. It went on super easy. The brush is super thin that you cant really mess up. And the liner really lasted! It didn't smudge off all day.. even with my occasional eye rubbing thru the day. When it came time to take it off before bed, it was super easy with my eye make-up remover. A couple swipes and off it went. I'm ready to go try some other colors now!

Granada Hills, CA


Stays on until you take it off!


I LOVE MAC Liquidlast liner!  I have oily eyes, meaning EVERYTHING gives me raccoon eyes.  Even stuff that is not supposed to "smudge."  Once I discovered liquidlast, there was no turning back.  I can wear this running, swimming, sweating, etc.  I can even wear it to sleep and it will still be there in the morning.  It never gives me raccoon eyes, either!  The only thing that some people may have an issue with is that it is a liquid liner, but with time and practice, anyone can be a pro.  I used to use the MAC fluidline gel liner, but that would smudge on me.  I also love the color selection of liquidlast.  My favorites are Inky (dark blue pearl) and Electrolady (purple pearl).  They really make my eyes pop.  Sometimes, though, it gets on my eyelid if I open my eyes wide right after putting it on.  I just have to let it dry for a minute or so and then it is ok.  Also, I curl my lashes BEFORE applying liquidlast, or else my eyelid sticks to the eyelash curler.

Corona, CA


MAC Liquidlast Liner

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