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MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder

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Mac Eye Kohl Gives Liquid Liner A Run For Its Money!


I'm a liquid liner kind of girl, but after discovering MAC's kohl eyeliner, I always have to have it in stock. I know it's a bit pricey, but it lasts me awhile and never fails me. I can smudge it on with no tugging, and it provides a rich consistent color every time. I don't have to sharpen it often and I never have the issue of undereye makeup smudge; it seems to know to stay right in place! I have a 60's eye makeup sort of thing going on, so this works great for undereye lining but also doubles when I don't feel like waiting for my liquid liner to dry. Invest in this wonderful product!

Marietta, GA


i love mac eyeliner


I was surprised to see that no one has reviewed this product, I am in love with MAC eyeliner. It stays on most of the day if not all day and it goes on very easily. They have an array of colors which is pretty cool, but I generally stick to the darker colors. I like their stubborn brown and their engraved eyeliner colors. ;] 

Sunnyvale, CA


Perfect for instense sexy, sultry eyes.


I love this eyeliner when I want something dramatic. It goes on smoothly and evenly. You can smudge it and/or set it with eyeshadow. Just be sure you only use a MAC sharpener because anything else will eat your eyepencil alive!

Santa Barbara, CA


MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder

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