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MAC 165 Tapered Cheek Highlight Brush

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expensive but worth it


Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that for your make up to look its best you should definitely use brushes and not just your hands. Specially when doing your eyes and your blush a good brush is the key. MAC brushes sure are pricey but they are totally worth it in my opinion. They are high quality and they last a really long time if you take good care of them. What I do is everytime I have a little extra cash I buy a brush and that way I have built my collection over time and now I have all the brushes I will ever need.. or at least for a long time I won't have to buy new ones. The bristles are soft but sturdy at the same time. And each brush does its job to perfection. This one specifically, the small tapered cheek highlight brush, is perfect for highlighting your features like your cheeck bones, around your eyes, jaw, cupids bow, etc. this brush is not a basic you need to have but its a nice addition to your collection.


North Brunswick, NJ


MAC 165 Tapered Cheek Highlight Brush

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