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Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray

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This spray is really good!


I have found a good sanitizing spray, and I don't need to shop around for any others! I like that once I spray it, the odor I'm trying to get rid of goes away immediately! Also, even though it has a scent, it does not overpower you, where it can be nauseating. It gives a sanitizing feeling to the rooms it is used in.




Freshens and Sanitizes at the same time


Lysol is a name that has been around for many years. The reason why? It works. I like the Lysol Neutra Air sanitizing spray. The spray does two jobs at once, it neutralizes and bad odors or smells in the air and at the same time, sanitizes the surrounding area. There are some rooms where you just do not want a scented air freshener such as the kitchen because at some times it can overpower the smell and taste of your food. Also, babies and children do not always like the smell of a scented air freshener. This spray is great for babies rooms, freshens the air and sanitizes as well. Many people do not like sprays with smells and this one you can use without a scent. The air is clean with no odors after spraying it and there is no lingering smell in the air. Sanitizing is important as well in todays world with all the germs there are. I also keep one of these in the restroom at work . I like and recommend this spray.


New Egypt, NJ


great way to make your home smell great and healthier


the lysol air sanitizing neutra air spray is great! I love knowing that it is not just freshening the air but sanitizing it too! This spray comes in a variety of clean smelling ang fresh scents, have fun with the choices that are more adventurous or fruity and flowery scents. I cant think of a better way to make your home smell great and make it a healthier place at the same time!


Philadelphia, PA


All Smells Are Gone With Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray


Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray is one of my favorites for getting rid of any odors at all. This spray will take care of odors at the source** and** in the air. It has a clean fresh scent which makes it smell like you have just been cleaning your home. Great to use as a spur of the moment refresher or when company is arriving. Lysol Neutra Air gets rid of bacteria at the source and it doesn't mask or cover any of the odors up, it eliminates them. This aerosol spray comes in a regular size can and a larger 16 ounce can. This can be use in the bathroom around the toilet area, your cat litter box, your garbage can,a diaper pail, and sinks. It does not harm any of these area's at all. ** Eliminates: **very tough and strong odors that may be present such as smoke, foods, mildew, molds, bathroom and pet odors. This spray is said to kill 99.9 % of Staphtlococcus aureus, E-Coli, and Influenza A2 on hard, porus surfaces in 10 minuets. I enjoy both the smell of this spray and the fact that it cuts out so many of the odors that always tend to linger and bother our senses. The mere fact that it can get rid of the bacteria I have mentioned above alone it well worth the satisfaction of knowing these are eliminated with no worry.


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Not sure if it truly takes away the odor source or just masks it


I keep Lysol Neutra Air in the bathrooms in my house (for obvious reasons). I like the scent - I usually get the "fresh scent" in the blue bottle. I'm not sure if it's consistently effective as sometimes I think the odors are still there after a few minutes. Perhaps I didn't spray enough on certain occasions. :) And I don't know if it technically eliminates/disinfects the source of the odor(s) or just kind of masks the odors. But I guess I'm not all that picky and as long as the odor is at least managed, which it usually is, I'm satisfied.


Raleigh, NC


Very impressed with Lysol Neutra Air


Living in a house with a toddler and a puppy there are some unavoidable smells. I have tried several different air fresionars and honestly, none compare with the quality of Lysol Neutra Air. The smell is fantastic, and it really does elimate any odor. It's not just a quik fix like oher fresheners that merely cover the sent, Lysol Neutra Air has the ability to get rid of the stench and replace it with a fresh sent my family loves. Theres nothing better than coming home to a fabulous smelling house!! I have gotten several complimnts on how good our house smells, and I'm always sure to reccomend Lysol Neutra Air to everyone who asks about the smell. I love this product and am willing to pay the extra to get the great quality that this product offers!


Crescnet Springs, KY


Lysol Neutra Air sanitizing spray is the best of it's kind.


I am very picky about air fresheners and have tried many. Lysol Neutra Air sanitizing spray is by far the best. I had been using regular Lysol spray to kill germs. I cannot stand the smell of any of them. They may sanitize the air but they leave an almost medicinal smell behind, regardless of what the scent claims to be. I recently tried the Febreze air fresheners because Febreze does such a wonderful job on fabrics. They have a great smell but do not seem to rid the area of the initial offending smell. It becomes a co-mingling of two smells which is rarely good and is never good when one is a bad smell. Lysol Neutra Air sanitizing spray has a nice generic type smell that simply rids the air of the bad smell adding a better smell that fades into just a hint of freshness after about ten minutes. As a mom with pets and diapers in the house, I strongly recommend this to anyone to try. I have not yet tried the other two scents (just the "fresh" scent) but look forward to doing so.


Hanover, PA


Really works as an odor neutralizer!


Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray really does neutralize odors!  Everything else I have tried just masks odors, and you have to keep using it, but Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray actually takes odors away.  My mom first starting using it years ago to get rid of the smoke odor from where my dad smoked cigarettes in the house.  It was the only thing that worked on cigarette smoke, and best of all, it never leaves a loud, perfume smell.  It just smells clean.  It's great to spray right before I have guests.  I keep my house clean, but you never know what odors might be lurking that you don't smell because you get used to them in your house.  So instead of lighting a scented candle or spraying some loud, nauseating air freshener, I just spray Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray, and my house smells fresh with no distinctive odors.  It's great if you have indoor pets as well.  It doesn't bother my kids or my dog like other brands do.


Lexington, NC


Smells great but doesn't eliminate cat odors.


I first bought Lysol Neutra Air sanitizing spray when there was a great sale and I just happened to have a great coupon. I figured that at that price even if I wasn't wonderful, I hadn't wasted very much. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It really works great in the bathroom. I feel confident in knowing that it will sanitize the bathroom, reducing one step of cleaning for me. It also smells great. I bought both scents my store carried but the "Morning Linen" scent was my favorite. It smells strong enough that you know it has some sort of sanitizing power to it, but not strong enough that it's bothersome. The only problem I've come to have with it is that it does not eliminate the odors emitted by my cat's litter box. On the bottle it promises "Solve odor problems at the source with LYSOL brand NEUTRA AIR Sanitizing Spray. Use this product on toilet areas, sinks, diaper pails, ***cat litter boxes***... Kills 99.9% of germs and odor causing bacteria." Well, I beg to differ, because my cat's litter box still smells awful, and the odor was simply masked. I know cat odors are very difficult to eliminate but I expected a little more from Lysol. Other than that I love it. There's one in every room of my house!


Hollywood, FL


Smells great and disinfects too!


I first bought Lysol neutra air sanitizing spray because I had a really coupon for it and got it for nearly free. It turns out I really like it and will continue to buy it;) I purchased the Morning Linen scent, which I love. Nothing like the smell of a fresh load of clothes out of the dryer. Not only can you use it for an air freshener spray  but it can also be used as a sanitizing spray for areas like sinks, toilets, trash cans, and much more. It also kills 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E.coli), and Influenza A on hard, non-porous surfaces in 10 minutes, which is great! I not only use it in my bathroom, I use it in every room in my house, especially in the kitchen when taking out the garbage, or on doorknobs, or I just spray it because I like the smell, lol! It is also available in fresh and citrus scent, which I have yet to try. I think I will try the Fresh scent next!


Minford, OH


Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray

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