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Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant

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Can't get over the smell of it.


I give it a 5 because as far as cleaning power goes....it's 100%. It will definitely get your floors clean. However, the smell is over-the-top, in your face horrendous. Years ago, I used to take care of a blind man and this is the only thing he wanted me to mop the floors with. The very first time I used it, I accidently used too much and it was overwhelming and the stench stayed in the house for days. Even using a drop of it in a full gallon of water is still overwhelming. And heaven help you if you spill some on your hands or clothes...especially if it's undiluted. I don't think the smell would ever come out of clothes if you got it on you when it's undiluted. I know that it took a couple of days for my hands to stop smelling when I got some on me, and it took a couple of rounds in the washer to get it out of clothes, and that was when it was diluted! You can smell it through the bottle, with the lid tightly closed, that's how potent it truly is.

Sevierville, TN


I can not live with out this stuff I love it.


I love using this all over the house. It is a great cleaner for any job! I have two kids so it is great when it comes to cold and flu season. A bottle seems to last forever, I use it from the ground up. It makes my home smell so clean and is great on all my surfaces.

Franklin, NC


I cant hardly believe a deodorizer could smell so awful.


One of my very first experiences with Lysol was a product called Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant.I stayed far far away from Lysol products for a couple years after that.This is a liquid disinfectant cleaner that you add water to.It is supposed to be a deodorizer as well as a cleaner.I used this product once after my grandson was sick and vomited on my bathroom floor.I didnt have any disinfecting cleaner on hand at the time and sent my husband out to get some.My husband brought back Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant.When I opened the bottle to use it the smell was horrendious.I have not encounter many smells as awful as this one.I still cannot believe a cleaner/deodorizer could smell that foul.I tried to use it but I just could not get passed the smell.It was literally making me retch.I almost threw up.I dont know if anyone who may read this is familiar with deer lure but this is what it looked and smelled like.I had several of my family members smell it and the look on each and everyones face who smelled it was priceless.Lysol may make this in another scent because the bottle did say original scent.

West Union, OH


Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant

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