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Luvox CR
Luvox CR Fluvoxamine Maleate

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This is the miracle drug you've been waiting for!


I am a long time sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. Basically, in my natural state, I am a bundle of nerves!! My doctor recently switched my meds around and put me on Luvox CR. I am absolutely LOVING this medicine, I wish I had been taking Luvox all these years. Luvox is a slow release med that treats symptoms of OCD and SAD, so I'm killing two birds with 1 stone here. And boy, can I feel a difference. I take Luvox in the evenings with my dinner and call it a day! The effects last 24 hours a day once you've built up to the correct dosage for your symptoms. I am on 200mg, but you can take it in 50mg increments up to 300mg maximum daily. I almost never have to take anything else for my anxiety issues. I've stopped taking Xanax almost completely since being on Luvox. For my OCD, I am able to have a thought...and let it go. They don't get "stuck" in my head anymore. I don't feel compelled to tap things, rock, count, organize, or repeat things. Sometimes, if I've had a REALLY stressful day, I feel some of my old urges wanting to push through, but amazingly enough, the feeling isn't overwhelming and I'm easily able to get my mind to thinking about something else. I am finally enjoying my life the way I always wanted to.

Apopka, FL


Luvox CR gave me a complex about SSRIs


Luvox CR was the first SSRI I was prescribed, and it was almost my last until my doctor tried Zoloft as an alternative SSRI for anxiety. I know that SSRIs are very individualized, but I must say that this medication provided no relief for anxiety. I can't speak about depression, but I'm convinced it perpetuated my anxiety to the point where I had to be prescribed Xanax 1mg at night! In addition to being ineffective, Luvox CR has some really nasty side effects. The dry mouth, INSOMNIA, and dizziness were enough to send me back to my doctor to find another medication. I should also mention that these symptoms lasted for the entire three months I was prescribed Luvox CR. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone that is prescribed an SSRI for anxiety, because it makes the symptoms associated with anxiety worse. Trust me, it's not worth the symptoms nor the time. Always ask your doctor about medication. I wish I did after taking Luvox.

The City of Champions, PA


Luvox CR Fluvoxamine Maleate

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