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Lunasom PM Capsules 60 Each

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Helped to fall asleep but didn't help me sleep through the night


I have a seemingly never-ending problem falling asleep, and more importantly, STAYING ASLEEP! I toss and turn, wake up nearly every hour, grind my teeth.. the list goes on. I've tried a few different prescription sleep aids as well as a few over the counter sleep aids, but it seems to me I always feel groggy and hungover the following day, often continuing into the afternoon.  Also, with prescriptions like Ambien, I experienced the crazy side effects like sleep eating (yeah.. it was weird. and it happened more than once!) I tried this product because it is all-natural and drug-free. I was actually looking for another product with similar ingredients, but the store I was shopping at did not have it, so I decided to try this one. I tried this product a few nights in a row. You can take 1-3 capsules, I took 2 capsules about 40 minutes before I went to bed the first night, and 3 capsules the second night.  It helped me relax and fall asleep alright, but I still woke up within a few hours and tossed and turned all night as usual.  I also had some really crazy dreams unlike ever before! I'm going to keep trying different doses but I think overall this just didn't work for me like I'd really hoped it would.  


Westland, MI


Lunasom PM Capsules 60 Each

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