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Lumene Time Freeze Firming Night Cream

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Nice product but I might not buy again


I bought this product alongside its sister product, the daytime Eye cream by Lumene. Products have some similarities and common benefits and problems. One thing I will advise to consumers is to only apply the night cream immediately before going to bed. You do it an hour ahead of time, for instance after evening bathing, then it will get into your eyes more easily and cause stinging. And then your eyes will start to water and that will cause even more product to get into your eyes. I do think it provides some results. I noticed this one doesn't reduce inflammation as much as the other one. This one seems to reduce the dark circles more. I think they are definitely two unique formula suited for their purpose. Careful to only use a very tiny a mount because this stuff doesn't absorb and you don't want to rub it around too much. Avoid applying anywhere near lower lashes. And avoid touching your face while it's on there. No noticeable odor. No color. Nice texture. Not recommended for folks with sensitive eyes, or whose eyes water a lot.



this stuff actually works


I had not ever heard of Lumene skin cream at all so I was skeptical at best when I found it at the local drugstore about a month ago. I had been a faithful user of Olay for many years, but have found that the Olay products have changed to much for my liking in the last couple of years a.k.a. to much price for so little delivery. So I gave Lumene a whirl and was delighted at the really fast results. I had dry laugh lines around my eyes and upper cheeks, but after a few faithful nights of this night cream, I saw real results where Olay had been failing. My skin is softer and the lines are so much smoother now, that I can wear my powder make up with more confidence that it is not highlighting the creases around my eyes like it used to. It is not heavy or the yucky greasy filmy stuff. It is light, pleasant fragrance, non irritating and truly effective for the purpose of plumping the skin slightly while quietly erasing the facial lines. Love it!

Nashville, TN


Lumene Time Freeze Firming Night Cream

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