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Lumene Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream

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Lumene Time Freeze Eye cream


I use this on my eyes every morning and night! I really like that it's meant to be used on your eyelids as well. A lot of eye creams specifically say not to put it on your eyelids. This eye cream is natural, so it doesn't matter if a little gets in your eyes. I am only 24, but I have started getting fine lines under my eyes. I read a magazine interview where Bethany Frankel said she couldn't live without this stuff, so I figured I would try it out. I am so glad I did! I can't even see the lines under my eyes anymore. Also, my eyes just look better overall. I would recommend this to anyone. Absorption This absorbs quickly, and it doesn't leave a residue at all. The only residue I notice is in the mornings when I am washing my face. When I rub my eyes, I can feel the product that I put on the night before, Doesn't Clog Pores I've had no issues with it clogging my pores. Effectiveness It's very effective at treating fine lines, and I have noticed that I no longer have puffiness under my eyes.



Didn't work at all


I bought Lumene Eye Firming cream hoping it would help with the smile wrinkles under my eyes (only 27 but I have wrinkles :( I do like to smile though). I washed my face and applied the cream under my eyes just as directed. The cream did make the skin under my eyes shiny which somewhat diverted attention from that area, but the wrinkles remained firmly in place and were just as noticeable as before. I tried the stuff again at night before going to sleep. In the morning the wrinkles were less noticeable, but I think that is because wrinkles are usually less noticeable in the morning and because I was still sleepy. I do not think I got much if anything out of this product. It would be great (other viewpoint writers please feel free to speak up) to find an eye cream type product that actually works. I have tried several and have not been very pleased with any of them, but this one was definitely one of the worst.

Sugar Land, TX


30 years old without a wrinkle by my eyes.


I use** Lumene Firming Eye Cream** on my eyes every morning and night. It feels good on my skin and absorbs well. Lumene products are from Finland and contain unique natural ingrdients from their local flora, which I prefer over synthetic compounds and oils. This rich cream firms your skin and helps prevent wrinkles like crow's feet. It is also excellent for reducing dark circles around eyes also reducing under eye puffiness. When I first started using this product years ago, I was in college and had both dark circles under my eyes and puffiness from stress and lack of sleep -- but just a few weeks using this cream and my eyes were dramatically improved. I will say though that while the directions say to "apply a small drop to skin around the eyes morning and night." -- i think I apply more than that. I apply a pea sized amount. This moisturizer is fragrance free and has never irritated my eyes.   .

Houston, TX


Lumene Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream

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