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Lumé Professional Hydrating Styling Mousse, Medium Hold

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Completely Unexpected


This one needs to be filed under the category of "it's always worth a try." I needed some mousse and was at Aldi's, and thought, "what the heck, I'll try their house brand hair products." I was so glad I did! Lumé Professional Hydrating Styling Mousse, Medium Hold, is honestly one of the best non-salon products I've ever used. Lumé Mousse is a foaming mousse, but not as thick and stiff as they usually are. The clear pump bottle it comes in makes the product seem different, but perhaps it's really not. When using a mousse, we only see the foam come out of the bottle or can, but inside this bottle, it's clearly a liquid. Intellectually, we know mousse starts out as a liquid, but this just seems to confirm that when we're not expecting it. This clear liquid that turns into a mousse, however, does the job. It doesn't weigh my hair down, yet still adds body and holds the curl. I style my hair with a curling iron, and it's hard to find styling products that hold that curl all day, but I'm finding that Lumé Mousse holds throughout the day. I'm not sure how it is that Aldi's has come up with a product that is so superior to most other non-salon products, but for some reason they did. I enjoy the Lumé Professional Hydrating Styling Mousse so much, that when I need more, even if I'm not going to Aldi's to get anything else, I'd still go there to get this, and that's saying something.

South Elgin, IL


Lumé Professional Hydrating Styling Mousse, Medium Hold

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